Spiritual Mind Healing – What is it…Really?

In 2007 after more than four years of study, I passed my exams and panels and became a Practitioner of Religious Science. The title RScP followed my name and I began the journey of dedicating myself to knowing the Truth for others and practicing Spiritual Mind Healing. I remember the day I received the news that I had been granted my professional license. I remember tears welled up in my eyes and I felt a tremendous sense of responsibility and humility for the path I had chosen. If there is anything that is true for me, it is that I believe wholeheartedly in the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment and how it can change our circumstances by changing our consciousness.

Since that time, I feel that something within that strong push I felt to help others through spiritual counseling and Spiritual Mind Treatment has somehow changed. It is not that I have lost my desire to assist, for that has never faded. It has not that I have lost my belief in the power of prayer, for that is even stronger now. It is something else. I think I have let what others think of me and what I do affect me. Since I know that everything is a reflection of my own mind projecting out into the objective world, I am responsible for this.

My daughter often calls me when she is in need of some demonstration in her life and asks me to perform what she calls voodoo magic. I laugh at this perception she has of what I practice, but I don’t mind. If it works, who cares what we call it? Still, am I belittling my sacred work?

A few weeks ago, I met with someone who was going through a tough spot in life. After a two hour meeting combined with a lunch, we found a quiet spot and did a Spiritual Mind Treatment for the perfect unfoldment of this challenge she was facing. The next thing I heard from her was that she had a transformation and healing. She never mentioned our time together, but went on to tell me about how she had experiences with three healers to whom she attributed her healing.

This same story has been relayed to me on various occasions from others. Please do not confuse my telling you this as ego. It is not.  It is the understanding of what people need to feel in the realm of healing. They want to know that something very concrete is taking place, whether it be a reading of the tarot card, crystals placed on the body, or hands placed on the head, etc. It seems that in order for the healing to feel real, it must be accompanied by a physical sensation.

Spiritual Mind Healing is none of these things and all of these things. It really has nothing to do with the one giving the treatment. It is about the direction given to consciousness as it moves through Law. Law is the power that brings the demonstration. This being said, it wouldn’t matter whether the consciousness was moved through the placement of a crystal in just the right position or a chant by a Shaman. Consciousness is changed and the demonstration follows.

In reality, it is all Spiritual Mind Treatment showing up in various ways. However, we as Spiritual Mind Practitioners know that we are not doing anything to anyone. We are not trying to control circumstances or to place thoughts in people’s head’s. We work in our own mind, seeing and knowing only the perfection of the person that comes to us. The Law of Mind in Action does the rest. We actually strive to practice the same healing technique that Jesus used, which is that “there is nothing to be healed.” Healing is belief and receptivity. Everything is already perfect; the afflicted has somehow lost sight of that.

For example, what I believe about that day I spoke of with the woman who went to three healers is that it was all part of the demonstration that began with our Spiritual Mind Treatment that day. Since as Practitioners we step out of the way of “how” the Law brings the demonstration, we are open to the perfect path. Infinite Intelligence finds the way. We just know it is already done. The three healers were part of that demonstration.

I still love what I have chosen as my life. My eyes still well up with tears with the responsibility of saying I will see and know the Truth no matter what is in front of me. I still believe even more deeply in the Power of the Law of Mind.

I accept that others may never acknowledge this. Whether they call it voodoo magic or just another step on their path of unfoldment is just fine with me. My only job is to stay true to seeing life unfolding for myself and all of creation in the most perfect way, to know that everything in life is a demonstration of consciousness, to see through the eyes of love at all times. I am open to receiving further enlightenment and direction from within on how to be of the best service on this planet at this time.

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