God & Company

I am reading the works of Genevieve Behrend. She is the only pupil of Judge Thomas Troward, the New Thought writer of the 1900’s. Miss Behrend wrote,

“The Law of Life is God and Company. You are the Company, and you cannot in any sense be an idle partner, if you wish to profit by the partnership. Your part is a big one, and there is plenty for you to do in providing a concrete center around which the universal divine energies can operate.”

There are two ways of thinking. One way informs us that what we see in front of us or experience everyday- the world of form – dictates to us how we feel. We feel emotions and think thoughts because of what is happening in the world of conditions. This is why many of us lead lives with multiple problems. It is why we cannot seem to overcome doubt, fear and anger. We believe that the outside world, including people are responsible for the thoughts that run through our mind and the feelings we have. Because of this, we continue to create circumstances, which replicate what we have thought before.

If we want our lives to change for the better, we must reverse the flow. We must actually train our minds to think upon the things we desire to manifest. If we want to be more prosperous or have more loving relationships, we must start to live from that frame of mind and feeling before anything occurs in the world of conditions.

In my experience, this is the hardest thing for people to grasp. They tell me it is make-believe to feel great or imagine a better world when everything looks and feels so awful.

This is where the idea of God & Company comes to play. The Infinite Mind can only do for us what it can do through us. We have to be an open vehicle for Infinite expression. We only live to the degree that we can do this. It can only be to us what we believe it to be. If we believe in limitation, we will experience limitation. If we judge, we will find more and more to judge. If we are angry, more things will appear to make us angry.

The beautiful thing is that we can stop the madness anytime. We can reverse our thoughts and feelings at any time. We can take the helm of our ship and direct our course at any time, not by changing our conditions but by changing the way we react to them. We can meditate on good. We can open up to Divine direction for our lives. We can let the Love and Light flow through us. We can take everything that we experience and find the good in it. We can begin to visualize a beautiful world for us and the whole planet. If we can do this, we will then begin to move our feet in that direction.

If have experienced this. I have watched others do the same and I have seen lives shift and change for the better and better.  We are invested in the Great Company of God. We are Its partners in Intelligence. We cannot expect anything more from the partnership than we are willing to put into it.

I invite us all to increase our investments of loving, prosperous and peaceful thoughts and feelings to an even greater extent today. No matter what is occurring in our lives or where we are, let us start right from that place and give a little more, while opening up to receive a little more.




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