What is Mine to Do?

In these times, many of us feel helpless. We might feel scared. We might feel overwhelmed by what’s happening in the world. We think there is nothing we can do to help. That is so far from the truth. There is so much we can do.

We can begin by envisioning what we want to experience. We can override the fear by staying steadfast in promoting kindness and love in the only place we have access to…right where we are.

We can watch our word and our thoughts. Sometimes people tell me that they cannot believe that changing their thoughts could help anything. They do not even know how to begin to do so. The only way to change our thoughts is by beginning where all thoughts begin – with our beliefs. If we find our thoughts dwelling on negativity or fear, it is because we are programmed by a belief that causes that thought.

And, then some people tell me they cannot change their beliefs. They tell me they do not even know what their beliefs are. If we look at our life, we will see what we believe. It is all here in front of us. No one did anything that we, too, didn’t participate in on the mental plane.

How do we change a belief? There is only one route and that is remembering who we are. If we can put in the time to get in touch with our own Divinity through meditation, prayer and reading, our beliefs will be changed because there will be a new believer. That believer will be powerful, peaceful, filled with light and love, focused on joy, following his/her intuition. It’s hard to listen to our intuition, when are mind is filled with a lot of negative chatter based on outside conditions.

Please do not confuse this with being an ostrich with our heads in the sand. We know what’s going on, but we all so there is a bigger plan behind it all. Everything that is coming up in the world is coming up to be healed within each of us. We can get to work on ourselves first, the rest will fall into place.

So, when I get up in the morning and ask what is mine to do today, I open up to the still small voice that guides and directs me. It is not relegated to outside conditions. It doesn’t care what so and so did or said. It merely knows what is mine to do. It is direct, quiet and clear. It is always focused on good and love.

We have a saying that tells us to “pray unceasingly.” This is not about being down on our knees in prayer. Where I come from it means to keep my mind focused on truth, on love, on peace and act accordingly.

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