Happy Father’s Day

My father made his transition almost two decades ago. I woke up this morning and I thought of him. It’s Father’s Day after all. I whispered, “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!” He’s still here in the heart of my life and I do feel him. I believe that when people close to us pass they do become a part of us. They move on to another plane of existence, but a part of their consciousness still remains with us.

Thinking upon my father, I am brought here to today and Father’s Day itself. What does it mean? I know it started as a celebration of Joseph the father of Jesus. In the Catholic religion it is celebrated in March. Joseph was considered the nurturer of the Lord to Catholics. It was later in America that Father’s Day moved to the third Sunday in June as a compliment to Mother’s Day.

Thinking of Father’s Day makes me think about what exactly father stands for and since we are contemplating fairy tales this month at our Center, I am brought to the idea of father’s in fairy tales.

Firstly, in our philosophy, we do not believe in a Heavenly Father outside of ourselves. I believe Father lies within us. It is the Divine Presence that we call First Cause. We place it at the top of a circle in the creative process of life as the place where ideas are born. It is the pure, absolute state that has never been touched by anything. It is the Power of a thought moving through Law into the form we call our lives. It is us.

Bringing this whole ideas back to fairy tales, I am reflecting on the father’s in fairy tales. I do this because I know that fairy tales, like all myths, are metaphors for life itself. Albert Einstein even read them. He challenged us to read fairy tales to our children if we wanted them to be wise. This makes sense because metaphors and parables bring us back to ourselves.

If we look at the fathers in fairy tales, we can see they are not a real inspiring lot. They are negligent, non-existent and sometimes downright cruel. Think of the Father in Hansel and Gretel who left his own children in the forest at the advice of his not so nice wife. Yes, the fathers of fairy tales have a message or two for us.

For me, they stand for that part of ourselves that has forgotten God, Father, Divine Presence, First Cause. They represent that part of ourselves that can be cruel or negligent to ourselves. They represent that part of ourselves that have forgotten who we are. Father is right here where we are, but are clouded over by outside conditions. Think of the father in Sleeping Beauty. All he could do to save his daughter was to burn spindles and send her off to be protected by someone else. In the end, it didn’t work. It never does when we relegate the solutions of our problems to an outside source without going to the crux of the issue – the cause.

The other thing about fairy tales and fathers that came home to me is that the children always found their way home eventually. They had to awaken to themselves and that inner core, that inner knowing. Many times, they fell asleep and then were awakened by true love’s kiss or awakened to their Divine Nature – their true selves.

Perhaps that is what it is like in real life. I know that in the case of my own father, although he tried to be the best protector he could, in the end it was all about me. Fathers do awaken us to ourselves. We received the perfect father for our own journey. I believe that.

So, today, as I celebrate Father’s Day, I am grateful for my own father and all that I learned from him that made me grow and continue to grow into who I am today. I am grateful for my deep connection to my source of supply and to the Father within.

When I was walking on Kealia Path yesterday, I stopped at one of my favorite lookouts. The Pacific Ocean in all its glory was right there, waves crashing on the rocks and then being pulled back out to sea with incredible force. A still small voice spoke these words, “Move out of the way and watch what I can do.” That was the Father speaking directly to me and I got the message clearly: You are not alone. Stop thinking you are doing everything. I am here, leading the way. I am here and if you move out of the way and let me pour through you, there is nothing that you cannot do. I am you and you are me; otherwise you are nothing. What is that voice? Why am I nothing? Those are questions we all have to answer for ourselves.

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