Free to Choose

We are approaching July and I am thinking about the spiritual idea of freedom. What is freedom? Freedom to me is the ability to choose and to accept the responsibility of those choices. There can be no other way for me. I know I am free to choose, because I am free to think and to act upon those thoughts. That is true freedom to me – always knowing I am at choice and responsible.

I know that sometimes we think we are not free. One of the biggest complaints from children is that they want to do what they want to do, and their parents won’t let them. We are no different. We put ourselves in this same position every day at work, in friendships, at the grocery store, or in our political discussions. We do not feel free.

The truth is that no one can take freedom away from us, because, as I said, we are always free as to how we will respond. Eli Weisel the Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survier, once wrote, “It is by his freedom that a man knows himself, by his sovereignty over his own life that a man measures himself.”

Every choice we make is one of freedom even if it is the choice not to choose. Ernest Holmes once wrote that freedom is our birthright; otherwise, we would automatons. Can you imagine a world like that?

We are free to grow, and we are always growing. We grow with each choice we make and we are making choices all the time. What will you choose today? I invite us all as we look at our day, and each encounter and experience, and to remember we are at choice. We might not be at choice to change the experience, but we are always at choice in how we will use our own mind in the experience. When we make loving choices for ourselves and others, when we choose to believe in the best outcome, experiences do change.

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