There is a Power for Good

Ernest Holmes, the Founder of Religious Science and a great mystic and teacher, would start all his meetings with this phrase, “There is a Power for Good in the Universe Greater than we are and we can use it.”

Later, as I studied Religious Science and the New Thought movement, my teacher would add to that statement. “…because we are it.”

What does it mean “we are it?” If we get ourselves (our finite minds) in the way, we will have defeated the true meaning of Ernest Holmes’ statement. However, if we realize we are always using it to the degree that we are conscious of our identity as Love, God, Light and a distributor of that Power, then I believe, we are really on the road to using it well.

I believe that we must turn our whole being over to this Power if we are to truly use it in the fullest capacity for our lives. We must turn away from what we see and focus on growing what we KNOW. We will never use it fully if we think we are using it to fix things or control other people or experiences. We can only truly use it by keeping our mind poised on it, no matter what is occurring in the world of conditions. We can only truly use it by knowing that whatever is happening in the world of conditions is showing us the degree to which we are using it. We are responsible, not for other people, but for our mental, emotional and spiritual reactions to everything.

We cannot escape this Power, for it is the Power of the Law of our being. Through us, it is creating the life and experiences that are before our eyes. If we want to have more loving and greater experiences, we must up our FAITH in it. We must be more focused on the way we want to live. We must make the first move by living the way we want to live. It all starts with love. Let Love lead the way and Law makes that way possible.

“There is a Power for Good in the Universe, greater than we are… .” Let us use it with all of our heart and love, having faith that as we move, it moves with us, making all things possible.

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