“They told me to…”

They called me irresponsible. They called me many things. They told me I shouldn’t marry my first husband. They told me it was too soon to have children. They told me I shouldn’t do this and I shouldn’t do that. Who are they? Why was it so important to let me know what I should and shouldn’t be doing?

The truth is “they” were “me.” All those theys that we place such blame on, or the ones who make us feel less than, or a million other feelings are merely reflections of our own consciousness. They are our mental equivalent. They are our life’s journey unfolding. They are the parts of ourselves that are either putting the brakes on or pressing the gas pedal of our life.

The truth is that my soul always knew what it was doing, and whether I listened to them or defiantly moved forward with my life, the path was perfect. I trust that. I believe that life is always unfolding perfectly. I also believe that my life progressed most perfectly with ease and with grace the times that I turned away from the outside voices, conditions and past, and truly listened to the voice within me – my authentic voice.

However, that is not always the way it is. Our lives move at the exact pace of our own individual unfoldment. There is a Divine time to life, a divine rhythm that can never be denied or out of sync. It is always pulling us back to itself.

Life will be a struggle or a joyous ride depending on how much we can turn it over to that rhythm. Finding the rhythm is what the journey is all about. We can dance feverishly or we can dance the most elegant waltz step. What do we choose? How much can we surrender? How clear can we be about what we want? How much love can we back it all with? Those to me are the determining factors of living my true authentic self.

When we can say that “it doesn’t really matter what they say,” and truly feel it and live it, is when we know that we know. The voices have subsided. The critique is over. We are glad to be ourselves.

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