Minister is a Verb

Minister is a verb. I don’t remember who said this to me, or if I made it up myself. It is something that I have discovered during my six years of ministry.

Of course, in many ways we are all ministering all the time even if we did not go through the schooling to get our licenses like I did. We are ministering because in every moment of our lives we are making a difference somewhere. Deepak Chopra said in a podcast that we are part of a great eco-system of life and as we fulfill our individual karma we are contributing to a jigsaw puzzle that wouldn’t be complete without us. We are apart of the very eco-system that would not be the same without us.

Last night I had the opportunity to minister in my unique way through music and lyric. My husband and I performed our Cabaret Show that we created together many years ago. I didn’t always know that I was ministering when doing this show. In fact, I thought I was performing. There is a big difference and the moment I realized it, everything took on a new meaning for me.

Not only did I minister to others; I ministered to myself. I grew. I expanded. I healed wounds that were deep in my being. I gave something last night and received something in return – a deeper knowing of who and what I am and what my purpose is here.

I am not a healer, because there is no such thing as healing. I am a revealer. I reveal the best in others, when I reveal the best in myself. Last night a women came up to me with tears in her eyes. She said that my husband and I healed her with the love we expressed for each other through our music. The truth is we didn’t heal her. The love within herself was revealed and awakened.

Music is a powerful ministry. I don’t think I have used it as much as I could.  I’ve let ego and my perfectionist attitude about myself stand in my way. I am contemplating this.

When I studied to be an opera singer, I had a fear of high notes. I could sing like a lark, but there was often that one note that wasn’t quite as perfect as I thought it should be. I remember my dad telling me that I wasn’t listening to the whole song. My music wasn’t being judged by one note. There was so much more to hear and love.

Isn’t this true about life, too. We sometimes judge our whole life by one off moment. We hold onto it and refuse to see the whole beautiful picture of the matrix of our life. There is so much more good. It goes beyond one moment and even beyond one year or rough spot of many years. We are new in every moment.

There are no mistakes. None have ever been made. None will ever be made. Ernest Holmes said that. He is right. We are all living and breathing ministers. We are giving and receiving in every moment. Finding our unique ministry is what life is all about. It goes beyond degrees, popularity, performing. It is our deeply and perfectly expressed unique self. I invite us all to find that person, to get to know her/him more deeeply and to express her/him more fully,

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