Are You Root Bound?

Have you ever experienced a plant that is root bound? “If the plant is root bound you can see that the roots have completely taken up the pot, often circling and creating a dense web of roots.”  (from a gardening blog)

The plant can’t grow. In fact, eventually it will die because it has nowhere to get its nutrition from. It’s strangling itself, because the pot is all roots. It’s time to replant!

It’s the same way with us. We can get root bound. I do this when I am telling the same story over and over. I am telling a story that doesn’t serve me. I think I am making myself feel better by telling it; but, really, I am just creating a circle of roots in my subconscious that are growing round and round and producing nothing but the same story.  That story manifests in my life again and again. You know the phrase, “Wherever you go, there you are!” You are rootbound.

Well, in order to free a root bound plant what do you do?

“Depending on the plant, it’s relatively easy to fix the problem, but it may take some strength and courage because you will have to rip or cut the roots. What’s important to remember is that most plants are pretty tough.”

Well, in order to free my root bound life, I have to have the courage to rip the roots apart. I have to have the faith to try. I have to know that I am tough enough to take it. I have to look at my beliefs that hold the roots bound and be fearless enough to change them.

When you free a root bound plant, you take the plant out of the pot, spread the roots apart, and put them in new soil. The same works with us. We need, new soil, new ideas to nurture our beliefs. We need to water our beliefs with faith and then action.

A good gardener will tell you that they’ve rarely lost a plant by freeing its roots. In fact, the plant has flourished and grown in new soil.

I know that sometimes we think it is easier to stay in the same pot, to not make a change. However, for me, when I feel change coming, I start to feel uncomfortable. The pot I’ve created as my life, needs expansion. It needs a bigger more expansive pot. It takes me to make this happen. It takes faith that I’ll be okay. It takes a leap.

Yesterday, I wrote about starting right where we are. It is the only place to start. A little bigger pot will do for now. It’s a beginning and I must start. Maybe we are not ready for an open field. Start right where we are and get a little bigger pot. Our life will begin to grow upward. That’s what we are doing. We are always growing up if we allow ourselves to.

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