Growing Up Right Where I Am…

Ernest Holmes wrote in the Science of Mind, “The way to proceed is to begin right where we are. It is not scientific to attempt to begin somewhere else. One who understands the systematic use of the Law will understand that she is where she is because of what she is, but she will not say, ‘I must remain where I am, because of what I am.’”

Last time I wrote in this blog, I told you about the story of the neighborhood stray dog Zeus and how I didn’t know what to do when he began to attack the other dog. All I could do was pray. (Read July 23 Blog for clarification). I began right where I was and it would have been unscientific to begin somewhere else. Why? Because I am governed by Law and Law tells me it is done unto me as I believe. Had I gone into the fray with those two dogs I would have been attempting to do so without belief in safety. I would have gone in fear. Failure would more than likely have been the outcome.

Another example would be in the area of wealth. Many of us want better finances in our lives. Sitting around claiming we are a millionaire, and racking up credit card bills is not logical nor is it scientific.

The second part of the quote says that I must understand that I am where I am because of what I am. Whether it is my health or my finances, I am where I am because of what I am. Is this a dreary thought? Not to me. It is a place of power.  The next part of the quote tells me why: I do not need to remain where I am because of what I am. What I can do is grow up.

I can grow up by beginning to take what I know and feel comfortable with and expand upon it. If I am having trouble with my eyesight, then I can get glasses, but at the same time, I can (if I care to spend the time), work on the spiritual idea that God sees through me with perfect vision. I can meditate on this, contemplate it and put it into practice. Ernest Holmes actually cured his vision in this way. I’m sure there are others.  However, this takes time, spiritual time. Are we willing to spend the time on ourselves? Is it important enough? This is not a get-rich quick philosophy. We grow in consciousness. Growing up is an ungoing process.

I remember raising children. The hardest part was they wanted to grow up so fast. They would run out into the world trying things they weren’t emotionally ready for, no matter what I warned them about. I know I did the same thing. Sometimes we force ourselves to grow up. That’s the painful way.

Life begins right where we are. It is unscientific for us to begin anywhere else. Several years ago, I was on a trip to see my family and Patrick and I wanted to stay in a hotel. We had the money to do it, but it would also take the faith to know that the money would be replaced after the trip, that more money was coming in.

It was a pivotal moment of faith for me.  Did I have the consciousness to make the reservation? I really dug deep into myself, because we cannot trick the law of our being. It’s not about words; it’s about our mental equivalent. I know because at one time, acting beyond my mental equivalent put me into debt. I took a breath and realized if I wanted to expand, I would have to start where I was and make a little bigger leap in consciousness. Either that, or become root-bound. I had to put my faith into action and I was ready to do so. I’ll always remember that day as the day that I grew up financially. I took the leap and the Universe answered me right where I was. The money continued to flow. It was an act of surrender; but I was up for it. I had grown up.

I feel I am being asked to grow up again. I’m not sure of how, but what I can do is begin right where I am, open up to the voice within and ask: I know nothing; what can I know? Growing up is not a physical journey; it is a mental one. It happens quickly and it happens slowly. It happens in exactly the right way and time for each of us.


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