The Tipping Point

I am amazed and excited that a country came together yesterday for Nature’s gift in the Solar Eclipse. I felt a definite shift yesterday. We reached what Ernest Holmes would call “the tipping point” yesterday. The greater majority came together in unity to witness the magnificence and power of Nature. There was joy. There were tears. There was love overflowing, as friends, relatives and complete strangers found a common experience together.

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “The world will soon realize that it has learned all it can through suffering.” Yesterday, was such a day. The world shifted in joy instead of coming together in sorrow. Sorrow brings us together plenty with devastations, earthquakes, mass killings, etc. However, yesterday we came together in joy and wonder.

I wasn’t there in person to witness the Eclipse, but, as I said, I felt the shift. So many things came up for me yesterday. Past events that needed healing in mine own life and creative projects that bubbled up to be started and completed. I felt an ease and grace flow through me. I felt the connection through time and space.

When Ernest Holmes talked about the tipping point, he said that it takes only a 51% majority to create a major planetary shift. I believe that is what happened yesterday. So the question is “Now What?”Can we continue in that energy?

We do not create energy. We cannot destroy energy. We merely transform it. We transformed the energy of hate that has been polluting our consciousness into oneness yesterday. The Solar Eclipse was a catalyst for something that was long overdue.

The Solar Eclipse is over, and just like a rainbow that leaves the tingle of its love on our mind, so the Eclipse leaves the tingle of the love we felt. It was real. It is real. It is our True Essence. Now we get to continue to remember and live from that place.

Oh, please, let’s do it.Let’s not go back to business as usual. I invite us all to find the way to continue in our own unique energy of love that was awakened yesterday. It does make a difference. I know because I felt it and I wasn’t there, as I said. We live and move and have our being in the one Mind, one Consciousness, One Spirit. We each make a difference. The tipping point was reached yesterday. Let’s jump onto the love side of that scale and continue to tip.

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