After the Solar Eclipse

Aloha everyone! How’s it going? The Solar Eclipse is over? I’m just checking in. How are you feeling? Have you gone back to business as usual, or are you working your life in a new way? We felt the shift and then what happened? I trust we all took a step in the direction of expansion in our lives.

For me, I am somehow different. Some of it is subtle and some of it is huge. After Monday and feeling all that love and connection with Nature and everyone, I have felt different. What it the Eclipse or was I just ready to  see things a little more clearly.

For example, I’m not so emotionally invested in the political issues. I’m trusting that the Truth will rise, and I’m able to focus on what I can do instead of what everyone else isn’t doing. I feel more love and compassion.

I feel a renewed energy for the projects I am working on. I am finding that people and things are showing up in my life pointing the way in which I must walk. I am more busy and less overwhelmed.

I’m also finding that the darkness of certain aspects of life look a little different, in the sense that I’m realizing that there are certain people who I cannot help in the usual way. However, now I have a way that I truly believe works. We are all connected in the one Mind. I know that deeply as my truth. So, I simply and quietly know they are held in Divine keeping. It goes beyond my finite mind or wishes for them. It is simply a knowing that everything is unfolding perfectly. I know that whatever is mine to do will move through me and make itself known. I leave everything else to the Universe.

So, what’s been happening with me since Monday and the big “shift?” Nothing really new. However, what is new is my consciousness about it all. My perspective has shifted and that makes it all very new indeed. How about you?

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