Do You Feel Appreciated?

I am sorry if I didn’t appreciate you. This message has come to me on one or two occasions in my ministry and I want to say I’m sorry. If you are one of those people, I’m sorry. I did not get up in the morning and specifically not appreciate you. I didn’t get up and think of ways to appreciate you either. Appreciating you is second nature to me. It is a way of being for me. So, I simply awoke and asked how can I serve today? I got up and prayed for all the people who asked me for prayer. I got up and asked “what is mine to do today?”

It happens rarely, but If someone comes to me and tells me that I do not appreciate them, to tell you the truth, I do not know what to say. I appreciate all people. I do my best to say thank you when someone does something for me or for our Center. I do my best to give sincere compliments and ask if there is anything I can do for you. My door is open. My phone rings. I am always in need of assistance. I am also always available to give assistance. However, I will not come looking for you, nor can I guess when you need it. I can’t expect you to guess when I need assistance either.

I am here to recognize your magnificence, but I am not here to make sure you feel good. I can’t make you love yourself. I cannot solve your problems. I cannot make your decisions for you. I can’t make sure everyone knows who you once were.

I once moved to Los Angeles from New Mexico. In New Mexico, I was a star. I more often than not got the lead in the musicals and shows. I was respected as a singer. In fact, my voice was held as golden. When I moved to Los Angeles, it was different. No one knew who I was. I jumped into the stream with everyone else and trusted that my talent would rise to the top. No one cared where I came from or how good my voice might have been. It was all about now. For a time, I didn’t get it. Why didn’t they see who I was? I was fantastic. I became sad and resentful.

Now I get it. I wasn’t acting fantastic in the now. Life is about now. Life is not about the past laurels and awards we received. Life is about how we show up today. Life is about getting in the trenches with everyone else and discovering  where we are needed now.

When I joined my Center in LA, no one knew who I was. I just started serving. I made the coffee. I stuffed envelopes. I volunteered where there looked like there was a need. I just grabbed the envelopes and sat down next to the person who was stuffing them. I didn’t wait to be asked. I saw the need; I filled it.

Yes, it’s not about being asked to do something. It is about jumping in and just doing it. There is a place for each and every person. There is a gift to give at all times. Every person is needed in some way. I believe it is our responsibility to find our own place and make our own mark in our own way. No one can give us this. No one can make us feel it. If we want to feel good, we must find reasons to feel good. Surely, we can see that the world needs us now more than ever.

Again, I am sorry if you don’t think I appreciate you.  The truth is it was not my intention to hurt your feelings and make you feel “less than.” The truth is I didn’t give myself that power. You did. Please take that power back. It’s yours. It always has been.

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