A New Thought Minister Gets Sick???

What does a New Thought minister do when she becomes ill? There only one thing I know of and that is to decide to be well. Does this mean instantaneous healing? I wish I could say that it is the case, and I have had it happen on occasion; but for me being well is sometimes a process. There is no shame in that process either.

I’ve heard of ministers who hide when they are sick. Why would we hide? We are ashamed because we preach perfect health and the power of our word spoken into law. Really, there is more to it than this. Blaming ourselves for our illnesses and hiding is not the answer.

This week I developed what I like to call congestion. I can say now that it didn’t develop in one day, it came after a long time of congested thoughts, professional and personal conflicts and pushing too hard. I pride myself on just now learning to care for myself and yet this week, I found myself saying “I’ll just do this one more thing and then I’ll rest.” Needless to say, the one more thing became another and another. Even today, I was going to go to one more thing. I stopped myself finally.

Without going on a witch hunt on why I fell ill with this cold and recognizing all the elements that can come together for the breakdown of one’s immune system, I am left with one thing, and that is to be well.

“Being well” doesn’t mean that I ignore my feelings and signs of illness. It means that even while experiencing illness, I can still know beyond it all I am well. The Spirit that I live and move and breathe in doesn’t know anything about illness. In fact, it has spent the last week moving through me and bringing everything to wholeness. Everything that is happening in my body is a sign of that. That is the way I choose to look at it and I know that my perception is everything.

I had an interesting experience at our Sunday service. My voice must have given away my cold. Some backed away from me and pointed out the fact that I was sick. Others, ignored me. Others affirmed my health. Did I stand up and let my congregation know I was sick? It wasn’t the place for me to do that yesterday. I was still processing it all. I was holding my health in consciousness, and talking about it right then would have taken me down the road of affirming it. I needed to stay positive about it yesterday. I didn’t hide it, but I just continued with what I had to do – give my message. Perhaps I’ll give a good message about it next week.

This month we are reflecting on the Power of Decision at our Center. What a perfect time for me to be experiencing not so perfect health and be able to decide to be well. What I know is that as I take the time (which I haven’t up to this point) to nurture myself and focus on my health, this too shall pass. With it will also pass conflicted thoughts, any self-blame. All that is left is self-love and that is the only place to reside. Self-love is perfect health. Our dear Louise Hay who recently left her earth form had a ministry based totally in that Truth. People get sick because self-love is missing and self-love makes them well.

If you are not feeling well, I invite you to join with me as I give myself a little more love. Move out of the blame game and into self-love. I can attest to the fact that it is healing. I invite us all to just decide to be healthy no matter what we are experiencing. Many people live with chronic illnesses. I understand that. I hold a consciousness of love for them everyday through Spiritual Mind Treatment. Self love will heal us and heal our planet and its many conflicts.

As the ancient mystics instructed us, just put your hands on your heart and affirm, “Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful me! And so it is!

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