I’ve Made a Decision. Now What?

I’ve made a decision. Now what? I better act on it. If I haven’t begun to act on my decision, then I guess it’s not a real decision. It might be a wish or a desire, but it’s not a decision. Real true decisions cause me to act.

Remember those vision boards? We used to make them and we’d lay out all the things we desired in our life. I loved to do that. The sky was the limit and inspiration was my guide.

Now, I didn’t do this, but I know that some people make vision boards and then put them someplace where you can’t see them. If you don’t look at them, how will you instill them on your subconscious mind. Actually that is what you are doing. You are creating the vision and feeding it to your subconscious. Make sure to put yourself in it too. I’d always be careful to put my husband into my vision board. I didn’t want to do those things I envisioned without him. I was very specific when it came to my vision boards.

Then one day in a Mental Muscle Boot Camp session, I changed the name of the board from “vision board” to “decision board.” (By the way, Mental Muscle is a workshop and book by Dr. James Mellon.)

Calling it a “decision board” was stronger to me. It made me feel like I had activated those ideas and weren’t just thinking about them. I had decided I would have them, I would experience them. Yes, decision board was a much better name.

Instead of just looking at the board, I’d begin to take action toward the decisions. I’d take steps toward that trip or that decision to be more prosperous. Action needs to be married to decision or it is just wishful thinking. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to just be a wishful thinker. I want to have a definite life. I want to experience a life that is fully expressing my greatest self.

I know not everyone feels as motivated as me. I think we should all move at the pace that is ours. I believe in choice and freedom. I used to annoy people because I moved so fast. They’d almost get angry at me. They said I did everything, and, therefore, they had nothing to do. This was so far from the truth. I could have used all the help in the world; however, when I decided to do something, I moved and did it. Those people who were criticizing me were really just criticizing themselves for not being able to keep up with me. I know that now.

We all have our path. We all have our pace. We all have our gifts to give. Once we make a decision to let them out and start moving toward them, do you know what happens? We’ve activated the Law of Attraction that will bring us back our decision in the exact correspondence to our expectations.

This is not a get-rich-quick philosophy. It is a philosophy of becoming. It is a philosophy of expansion. It is a philosophy of waking up to our true identity and living from that place. We don’t get things. We grow consciousness.

The first step in growing that consciousness comes when we make the decision to do so, when we make the decision to step out of our comfort zone, when we make the decision to be a bigger thinker than we were yesterday.

I love this philosophy. However, I don’t just love it, I practice it. I’ve actually changed my neuro-pathways. I think differently now and I act differently. I’m grateful that I’ve found a philosophy that allows me to practice it, to prove it.

I am also grateful I have found a philosophy that doesn’t allow me to deceive myself. If I can’t prove it in my life, then it is meaningless and I am making things up. Someone might say there is such a thing as electricity, but until you can turn on the light it doesn’t exist, in your world at least.

I make a decision today to prove this philosophy in my life in a bigger way, a more loving way. The world isn’t flat because I think it is, it’s flat because I haven’t taken the opportunity to get in a boat and find out. I make a decision to get into the boat and begin exploring new horizons.

Making a decision takes action or it is nothing but a wish. Wishing upon stars is a beautiful and romantic thing, and a great place to start, but have I decided to have the star. Yes, I have.

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