I am Consciousness

If we really believed that we were consciousness and only consciousness just think how our worlds would open up. We would realize that we live in time and space, but it is not our dictator. We would realize that we were not our bank account, our body or our jobs. We are consciousness and as consciousness we are unlimited First Cause. All those others things get to be experienced through consciousness. We get to decide how we will relate to those things in form. They become to us what we are in consciousness

I will write what mystic and teacher Raymond Charles Barker had to say about this.

“To say I am consciousness is self-definition in the timeless, spaceless sense. It has neither name nor number. It needs neither location nor means. It is completeness. It includes all process but is not process. It is pure being. It opens the trap doors to individuality and eternity. It knows no dimensions and does not need them. It operates by means of them, but is never conditioned by them. It is the you that you are. It is not the you that your educated consciousness has taught you as being. It is what you are in God.”

I think this is the greatest discovery we will make about ourselves. I think when we truly realize this and begin to live from this place, we will never again put limitations on ourselves. Our expectations for our lives will expand to a place where we will know that we can do and be whatever it is we choose to do and be.

Raymond Charles Barker gives an example in his books that we might consider as proof that we are consciousness. Think about when you go to bed at night and have a dream. The dream might be about anything. It might be horrendous or beautiful. You have experiences. You travel to places you’ve been and places you’ve never been. You then wake up in the morning and you have never left your bed.

Yes, we are consciousness and we are one in the Great Cosmic Consciousness which is everything that ever was and ever will be – that is the present moment. We get to decide how much of that we want to open up to and live from. Things do not happen in our lives before consciousness. They happen because of consciousness. Consciousness comes first.

I believe we are on an evolutionary path leading us to this discovery. All the experiences that we have that we label “good” or “bad” are not here to punish us or reward us. We have the experiences that we believe in, those we understand at the level of our consciousness. It’s all really good and if we will look at it that way, we will see that every experience is our teacher and that when we meet it with our consciousness and a larger and larger perspective, our lives begin to shift.

I know for myself that when I have shifted consciousness about something that it feels like a click or knowing that is affirmative. Nothing really changes in the outside world right away, but I just know that I know. How do I come to this realization? For me, it is about just opening my mind to the possibility. It is about treating my mind in prayer and knowing that I already know. The subconsciousness follows and brings forth the experiences that show me what I believe in consciousness.

I continue to affirm that I am measureless and infinite when the finite is looking me in the face. I live the solution, not the problem. I am beginning to realize that it is respect for myself also. It is not about what other people think of me. It is about what I think of myself. I affirm: “I am immeasurable, limitless, infinite consciousness and this is what i meet my life with today.”


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