All That is Left is the Heart

I believe in metaphors. I believe when I ask for an answer about something and know that it is already present, the Universe opens itself up to me and shows me the way.

Yesterday, I arose very early, disturbed in my sleep by an experience I was having that was disconcerting and hurt my heart. It involved another person. I know that I truly wanted to come to some resolution in my own mind.

Well, I followed the advice of Wayne Dyer, who said that when he woke up in the middle of the night, he would just get up, meditate and start writing. Why stay in a restless state in his bed? So that’s what I did.

I was out on the lanai with my earphones in listening to sweet music and meditating. I then began to write what I was feeling. No sooner had I started writing, when one of our feral cats who we call “Mama” appeared in front of me with a large rat. It was still wiggling, so I pulled my feet up on my chair and surrendered to the moment, knowing there was nothing I could do. She proceeded to devour the rat. I couldn’t stand it, but did nothing to stop it. I closed my eyes and turned my headsets up so I couldn’t hear anything. I continued to write and meditate. When I finally had the courage to look over, she was gone and all that was left was the heart of this rat.

What was this about? I do not believe in accidents. I even believe cats are  clairvoyant. There was a message. The one I received this morning is that no matter what we are experiencing, no matter what people we might feel uneasy about or no matter who we think causes us hurt. There is a heart. It is pure Spirit untouched by anything. When you remove everything else from the experience what is left is the heart – the love – if you will look at it. All that is left is the heart of the matter. Getting to the heart of the matter, I get to look at whatever it is that is really causing me distress. It never has anything to do with anything or anyone but myself. Every experience points back to the self.

What I know is that my heart is always safe. It is safe to love. It is safe to give. It is safe to rise up into a greater more compassionate version of myself. I am all heart. My heart leads my head and they are in balance at all times.

Next month our theme at our Center is “The Courageous Heart.” What a great start to this message. A courageous heart is a heart that is vulnerable, open, willing to love only, willing to change, willing to give and receive. The heart is the essence of everything. I believe I have had a change of heart.


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