What Kind of Experience Are We Giving God?

God is experiencing Itself through me and through you. That is the individualization of Spirit which we each are. When I heard this in class last night, I had a clear picture of how I want to live from this day forward. If God is experiencing what it is to be God through me, then I have to ask myself if I am living up to this great opportunity. Am I giving God a great experience or am I waiting on God to give me one.

I believe that God is everything. I believe God is limitless love, intelligence and power. This is what I say I believe and then I state that I am that. However, I have to continue to ask myself what God is experiencing through me. What I know is that It can only experience as much as I allow. It’s all here for me and it’s up to me.

There is one word that comes to me and that is “surrender.” I must surrender all ideas, all smallness, all pettiness, all trying to be right. I must, as Emerson put it, “get my bloated nothingness out-of-the-way of the Divine circuits.”

I think I’ve told myself a tale that it is hard to do this. However, I know that is not the Truth. That is a belief that I have adopted. It’s easy to believe that because I look out and that is the way it seems. However, now I know that I can just as easily believe something else and look out and see a totally different world.

God is experiencing what It is to be itself through each and every one of us. I invite us all to give God an amazing experience. As we grow into this understanding step by step, it is already an amazing life. Today, I invite us all to open up to the more that we already are. We cannot become God because we already are God’s expression as each of us. Our only task of joy is to embody God, and let It out through our thoughts, our speech, our acts. The time is now, my friends. Let Go! Let God!

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