Blessing It All

There have been so many changes in our country since this new Administration has taken over. I also witness how many feel they are being given the permission to act in certain ways that are not necessarily for the good of the whole or contributing to, as we call it in our Philosophy, “A world that works for everyone.”

Many people are upset and wondering what we can do. We cry out. We discuss. We write letters. We are appalled. We threaten to not vote for this or that person. We fight with each other or we remain silent. We are trying so hard to find a place within ourselves where we can come to some kind of peace about all this.

I am doing the same. I am searching within myself for the best way to assist in a world that can appear to seem like it’s falling apart. The conclusion that keeps coming back to is that this world is an exact outward representation of centuries of complacency on the part of the masses, who now get to blame the minority for all the injustice, craziness and atrocities that continue to repeat themselves.

So, what do we do? There is only one conclusion for me right now. I must follow the ways of the peacemakers. I must “be the change” I want to see in my own world. I must remember that “It is done unto me as I believe.” I clear my own consciousness of anything that is not loving toward myself and others. I must start meditating and contemplating the world I want to see and live from that place. If and when I see injustice, I need to step up not with a fight, but by being a peaceful presence and by taking action from that place.

There is a story about Ernest Holmes (the Founder of the Science of Mind) who used to walk down his street, blessing each house, especially those which seemed to need extra care. In time, he saw the neighborhood improving its appearance. He made a difference just by being an affirming presence of peace. I was struck by how similar to Ho’oponono this was. Everything is a reflection of our own consciousness.

I invite us all to begin to bless everyone, even those we call our enemies. Please do not confuse this with standing idly by. This is true action when done with sincerity. Also, getting into this frame of mind allows us to open up to our true intuition. Instead of reacting, we will be responding from a place of centeredness. When we are intuned and at peace, we are led to do those things that are ours to do at the perfect time.

My daughter is such a beautiful example of this. She found herself in the middle of a road rage incident the other day. Instead of getting into the fray, she was so in-tuned with her own intuition that she was led to do what was hers to do. By acting from a presence of peace instead of outrage she dissipated the whole experience.

I am not separate from anyone or anything happening today. I bless these times as a reflection of my own consciousness and know that all is in perfect order and that God/Love is revealing itself in and through everyone. I am led to do what is mine to do and I have the courage and wisdom to step forward and do it.


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