Home Sweet Home

We are home from our 10-day trip to North Carolina and the CSL Ministers’ Gathering. It feels so good to be home! Does anyone else identify with me on this one? Does it feel good to be home after a long trip? Or any trip for that matter?

My coffee tastes better. My bed is more comfortable. My house looks cleaner than when I left it. My cooking even tastes better than I remember it. The list goes on. It just feels good to be home.

I know the old cliché that says “home is where the heart is” and “home is wherever you are.” However, when I come home to my physical abode it just FEELS good.

I am thinking about this and contemplating this. I believe it’s all about perspective. When I  go out into the world to visit friends, another country, relatives or take a business trip, I garner wisdom and great appreciation for and about what I have. There is nothing worse that getting stale. It can happen if we stick to the same old same old.

And, just because we are venturing out into the world doesn’t mean we aren’t stale. When we try to bring our habits with us, we are at the same time not letting ourselves experience the new.

When I step away from my everyday activities, I get the chance to experience life differently. I have to be willing to let go of my norm and be new. I’m stretching myself and my perspectives, and it is like doing any new exercise. If I’m willing to go through the uncomfortableness, I will gain new strength.

Likewise, when I gain new wisdom and experience from my explorations away from home, I come back with a new Rita. She’s not the same. “The mind once expanded cannot return to its original size.” Rita is new, revived and appreciative of what she has in a greater way.

I’m grateful to be home because I’m grateful that I left for a little while. I’m grateful for my kitties, too. They actually seem happy to see us. Is it possible they gained a new perspective, too?

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