Walk in the Park or Fire Walk?

No one ever said this life would be a “walk in the park.” When I was very young, I was looking for a get-rich quick something or other. I tried so many things. I sold this and that. I started this business and that. I was taking a walk in the park with no direction at all.

Then I discovered something. I began to have purpose. I knew what I wanted. I claimed my life. Most of all, I worked sacredly on remembering who I am. I began to understand that my life was my responsibility and that I would need to live it with intention.

No, life is not a walk in the park it is a firewalk. I love this metaphor that came home to me the night before last when I had the opportunity to walk on fire. The bed of coals is like all the distractions and obstacles in life. It is those things that we use as excuses, those things that can pull our attention from the Truth of Life. In a firewalk you are taught not to look at those coals. How many times in life do we look at all the obstacles in our path instead of focusing on our goal or purpose.

In the firewalk we are taught to look straight across the fire at the person who waits for us at the other end. This person is the clear sacred purpose of our life. We’ve made an intention. We are walking toward it on purpose. All we can see is that intention, that dream, that thing we know is ours to do. We walk toward it and it waits for us. It doesn’t come to us across the fire. It is there beckoning us to walk, to dare, to dream.

We don’t stop in the middle of a firewalk. If we did, we would surely be burnt. No, we keep walking on purpose toward that dream.

At this time on our planet, we do not have time to waste walking aimlessly in the park. There is plenty for all of us to do. We are here because we are the light bearers. We are the ones who have shown up to assist in the transformation, beginning with ourselves and reaching out from that place to others who need to be pulled across the fire walk in any particular moment.

There have been many of those moments lately. But, as my daughter told me, this is nothing new. These moments have been happening for centuries. We just get to see it up in our face right now.

I invite us all not to get caught in the moments in the middle of our firewalk. I invite us all to stay true to the purpose that calls us, to think it, to write it, to speak it and most of all to LIVE IT.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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