Self-esteem…What is it? My life’s journey has been about this thing called self-esteem. I have never felt good enough. I know I chose this journey and that I chose all the circumstances to assist me in learning this powerful lesson. It is in self-esteem that we truly empower ourselves to be and do those things that we so dearly want.

How can we accomplish anything in life or be anything to others if we do not first feel our self-worth. We constantly be running out trying to prove ourselves instead of coming from an empowered place.

There is a statement by the mystic and great teacher and founder of the Science of Mind that tells us that the Self is raising the self in this life. I believe that and I feel that. That Self is the Living Spirit that dwells in me and guides and directs me to the experiences and people who I require in order to reveal God.

I am growing in Self-esteem. I am coming to realize that the things I have been through in my life were all stepping-stones to this revelation. I have been through quite the trying journey in some sense. I left home at an early age. I lived through a both wonderful and trying childhood.

That is another thing I am learning. Louise Hay said if you want to forgive your parents ask them about their stories. How were they brought up? When you hear their story, you will understand better why they were the type of parents they were to you. It doesn’t excuse some of the horrendous things that they might have put us through, but it does help us to release our judgement and expectations and let them go and forgive.

I’ve thought about the ways I’ve brought up my own children. I, for the most part, consider myself a good parent and yet I can see that my childhood background most definitely influenced how I felt was the best way to bring my own children up.

My question today for all of us is how do we feel about ourselves? Do we respect ourselves? Do we really realize how wonderful we are? Can we look at our story and really give ourselves a wonderful hug of love and approval for where we are right now? Wherever it is and how ever far we’ve come, we are amazing. We are worth our love, and our earthly parents are worth our forgiveness. They all did the best they could with what they had to work with at the time.

If I had to write a letter of recommendation for myself right now, I would be able to say, “I give Rita Andriello-Feren my highest esteem for her ability to live a life of determination, perseverance and love. Every choice and road she took has led her to exactly the right place. I know she did the best with what she had to work from in her earthly form, and that she has expanded in every single moment, as one choice led to the next better choice and the next.¬† I know that she is the type of person who will continue to grow and expand. She is a student of life and by being that she is also a greater teacher. I give her my highest esteem as a life well lived.”

I invite us all to write our own letter of recommendation today from a place of looking at the Good of who we are through all the obstacles, even failures, successes, down times, triumphs and setbacks and advances. I believe we will find that we are truly amazing. We’re here after all!

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