Building the Yellow Brick Road

I was reared by a creative and somewhat dictatorial Italian father. From him, I learned many things.  I didn’t just get to do chores like raking leaves, cleaning, or taking the garbage out. I joined him in putting up walls, finishing basements, and laying bricks. I remember building walkways brick by brick around our garden. It wasn’t an easy task, because we had to make sure the ground was even and that the bricks were straight.

What a metaphor for my life! I realize that I never followed a yellow brick road like in the Wizard of Oz, but built one brick by brick just like I built those pathways with my father. However, my bricks weren’t always straight and the ground beneath me seemed less than even at times.

However, now I know that all of that is just fine. I’ve built the yellow brick road of my life every step of the way with exactly with the knowledge I had at the time. All those crooked bricks gotten straightened out further on down the road. And really, they weren’t crooked at all. They were just exactly as they needed to be in that moment.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends follow the yellow brick road to see a Wizard, where they believe they will get everything they require to have that one thing they want. In their cases, brains, a heart, courage and a safe trip back home. What they come to find out is that what they were seeking they already had.

What I have come to realize in my own life’s journey is that I have never been following a road anywhere. I have been building mine brick by brick. As soon as I discovered who was building the road – God within and that I had everything I needed in every moment in the way of love, intelligence, prosperity, the building came from a different more powerful place. As soon as I realized that everything I was seeking I was seeking with, my life became a journey instead of a desire to get somewhere. I am already here. Each of us as is already here. We hold the dowel, the bricks, the mortar, all of it.

There is no destination. There is only the unfolding journey to realization. There is nothing to get, only that to let out. All is well and we are perfect right where we are. I invite us all to let a little more of our true selves out every moment. I invite us to stay true to ourselves and our individual journey. I invite us to welcome the idea that we are backed by Infinite Source every brick of the way.

It is not necessary to follow any road. It is necessary to build our own and welcome all the different roads that criss-cross ours, follow ours or are built alongside of ours. We are all on one journey, living from different points of realization. It is what is meant by creating a “World that works for everyone!”  What I know is that we are realizing this and that we are building an amazing matrix of roads that support one another.


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