In the Flow

Today, I’ve made a decision to remain in the flow. As soon as I made this decision and went into my daily meditation, our feral cats began their morning ritual of eating and then to squabble. It couldn’t be avoided and I had the choice of getting frustrated that my meditation was being disturbed or I could make it all part of my meditation. Since, I was in the flow, I decided to do the latter. I stayed in my meditative state and did what I needed to do at the same time.

It was a very worthwhile experiment and it did prove to me that I could still meditate even while dealing with the antics of the ferals. I just incorporated it all into my consciousness as part of the meditation. I was calm. I was connected. I felt like I was part of it all – the cats, myself, the flow of nature.

I believe that many times we get caught in resistance. During our days, we are resisting what is and trying to stop things we have no control over. The only control we have is the control we have over ourselves – our minds. We even have control over our feelings. We can be frustrated or we can let go and get in the flow. We can do what is ours to do and let the rest go.

Ernest Holmes once wrote that we are always either pushing things away from us or drawing them to us. I believe this is true. We are Energy and where we choose to focus that Energy pulls more of it to us and pushes that unlike our Energy away from us. When we stay in the flow of peace, even when something occurs is disturbing, we can offer our peace to it. Have you ever been with someone who is a peaceful presence? We feel better, more at peace. It proves my point.

I believe we can all be peaceful presences no matter where we are by letting go of resistance to what is and bringing a sense of surrender to the experience. In some forms of martial arts they use this method. They do not fight the opponents force; they just let it pass through them.

My lanai is a very peaceful place with or without my feral cats and their antics. I can keep it that way with my own consciousness. I do not need everyone to agree with me or act the way I want them to. This is true of all experiences. When I am in the flow with my greatest self – my peace self – I offer that presence wherever I walk. I am the flow and all flows with me and I with it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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