Believe It or Not

What if you believed you already had everything? What if you believed that health, wealth and joy were your Divine birthright? Do you believe it? Whatever we believe, it is promised us that we will receive. Do you believe that? I do. I have experienced the outcome of my beliefs in many areas of my life. I take responsibility for my beliefs.

I am researching the Father of New Thought right now. His name is Phineas Quimby. If we go back to him and Anton Mesmer and other philosophers, doctors, healers from long ago, we will see that this is not a new concept. In fact, I am reading that even the Greeks in ancient times believed it was done unto you as you believe. One of the most famous Masters of over 2000 years ago made his whole ministry about this simple statement.

If we look at our life, we will see that it is what we believe it to be. I love knowing this because I get to change what I believe or stick to what I believe in every moment. I am at choice.

I am in the process of putting my one-person show “Tomatoes on a Windowsill” back on its feet for my 65th birthday. It is a show I wrote about growing up under the influence of my Italian father and the rest of the people in my family. As I begin this process now over fifteen years from the time I wrote it, I can see my own changes in belief. I can see how this story was my story at one time and now it’s just my history. I no longer believe the things that were told to me as a child. However, the change didn’t happen over night.

Changing a belief is a decision, but it still takes work. It takes logically thinking through the belief from a different point of view. It takes lots of contemplation, meditation and re-affirming something new. It takes accepting that beliefs aren’t the truth. They are just how we choose to believe either based on experience or what was told to us at an early age, or social norms, etc. Beliefs are just that – beliefs. However, they have power. They have power because as we believe is how we think and as we know “Thoughts are things.”

Wayne Dyer was once quoted as saying, “Change the way you look at things and the things you are looking at change.” He wasn’t the first to say this. As I said before, we’ve been being told this for a long time. And, the way we look at things is based on what we believe. I invite us all to check in to what we believe and to perhaps entertain the idea that we can choose to believe it or not.

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