Just Like a Tree

We can learn much about ourselves by watching and experiencing Nature. I am grateful to live in a place where I do not have to look far to do this. It surrounds me. One thing that is evident about Nature is that it is so in touch with itself that it just is. Whether it be a chicken who knows innately how long to set on its eggs, or a tree that just grows, or a wave that comes in and goes out, there seems to be no angst or stress involved. It just knows to do what it does.

I know that as humans we can stress and strain. We can worry and wonder what is going to happen from day-to-day. There is a person I am thinking of who worries about what will happen twenty years from now. Will he run out of money? Where will he be? He lives in a state of angst, thinking of things that might never happen. Can any of us identify with this?

Nature, I believe could not comprehend this kind of thinking. It just is. I do not think the tree growing tall by my lanai wonders if it will have enough sustenance to grow another twenty years. It is in the present doing what it does, which is being a beautiful tree.

It might seem simplistic, but I think we could learn emulate Nature just a little more. We could lay down more of our burdens and trust and have faith. I always tell my Catholic mother, who is aging and becoming more dependent, “God took care of you all this time, do you think he is going to desert you now.” She agrees.

Of course, I am speaking to her in her Catholic language, but whether we believe God to be within or without, it is the same thing. Nature and I are one. Nature takes care of itself and we are no different. Trusting in the flow of life in the now moment leads us to make the right decisions and to have a life poised in gratitude for what is here now. This now leads to the next.

I believe there is always an answer to everything, and it is provided through us at the moment we require it. If we could be just like the tree, still and poised in itself, in time with Nature, open and aware, and in a state of beingness, we would experience this same state of peace, a life without stress and a present moment where everything is provided.

Maybe we could try it – one day at a time. Let’s take a deep breath, get out of our thinking mind, and bring our awareness to a place where we can believe that all is provided – just like a tree.

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