Are You Full of Your-Self?

I am either attracting or repelling things, experiences and people to me. I am one big magnet, and I draw everything to myself that is within my consciousness. If I want to change something in material reality, I must change my consciousness. This is nothing new to those of us who embrace the New Thought Philosophy. Actually when I was young and practicing Christianity, I remember my teachers telling me to be careful what I allow into my mind. They were saying it for a different reason, but it is the same idea. My mind holds everything that I have ever experienced, are experiencing and will experience. It is a gold mine(d). It is the gateway to my life experience. The consciousness that I am is my vibrational field. I am a walking vibration.

What if we were to think of ourselves as one big energy vibration? We are walking through the world vibrating at a certain level. Those things in our field are those things that are at the same level of vibration. Have you ever been in the same experience as someone else and you both experience something totally different? You were coming into the experience at different vibrational levels. You noticed different things. You felt different things. Someone said something, and you interpreted it totally differently.

I believe that it is my responsibility to fill myself up with the positive everyday if I am to keep my vibrational level high. This doesn’t mean I am ignoring the material world of conditions. It merely means that I am filling myself up with what is going right instead of what is going wrong. I am choosing to listen to those things that uplift my mind. I am choosing to read things that enhance my thinking. I am choosing to direct my mind instead of letting my experiences direct my thinking. When I do this, I am not only affecting myself, but the whole world.

The world needs more positive people right now. Are you a reactor or a responder? I am not a reactor. I am a responder. I respond to experiences instead of letting them cause a reaction in me.

Today I wake up and tell myself that this is a really good day. It doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening around me and that I am not running into obstacles. It only means that no matter what is in front of me I am looking at it from a higher perspective. I am seeing God in everything. When I see the world from that place, things show up differently.

Whenever I stuff my turkey, I always make more stuffing than the turkey can hold. I have to create another little casserole on the side for the extra stuffing. Perhaps this is the same as filling myself to the brim with positivity overflowing. Only by doing that do I have more to share with the world. We do come first. It is best that way. Remember what they tell us about our oxygen masks on planes?

My vibrational rate is so filled with Spirit that I cannot be dragged down. And, if I am for a moment, I have a rope I can grab and pull myself up. That rope is the work in consciousness that I have done. It is the time I have spent being prayed up and filling myself up with the golden ideas of love, peace and gratitude. It is the decision I’ve made and continue to make everyday. I am full of my-Self!


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