At Choice…

Last night I watched an interesting independent short film. It was about a man who decided to end his life through assisted suicide. He had a terminal illness and he felt that this was the better choice for him. I’m not sure where it took place, but everything seemed legal, as the doctors came to his house and with his friends surrounding him, he just died. It was very simple and peaceful. I believe the movie was making a statement about being at choice in our lives, including when to end them.

I have mixed feelings about that, but I was deeply struck by the idea. Then, in the same day, getting the news that Charles Manson had died of natural causes after decades in prison.  If you don’t know who Charles Manson was, he was...”the hippie cult leader who became the hypnotic-eyed face of evil across America after masterminding the gruesome murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles during the summer of 1969…”

Life is a journey and we each have our own. I cannot understand another person’s journey. I hear about a young child dying, a man choosing death over illness and then a hideous criminal, guilty of the murder of innocent people, living out his life until 83 in our prison system. Life is a journey, and if I could step back far enough to really watch it from afar, the only thing that makes sense to me is that we are always at choice.

We want to believe in victims, perpetrators, evil and good, destiny and fate, but behind it there is one mastermind. It is the individual soul. That would be you and me, carving out our destiny day by day by the choices we make. Are our choices conscious or are they being made unbeknownst to us at the subconscious level. If we could really see that we are the ones that are driving our own train, I believe we would have the lives we desire. We would realize that we are conscious creators, not the outcome of someone else’s choice.

So, I leave behind Charles Manson and that movie character that decided to end his life and the baby that died, and I bring it back right here to me. I do not have control over the journeys of others, but I can mastermind my own journey. I can make choices backed by belief and surrender to the greater picture for my life. I can understand that I am eternal and that there is no rush to do anything in my life. There is time for it all. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

It is in sweet surrender to the Power greater than I am that my journey unfolds in the perfect way. I respect myself and all of creation, and I make sure those choices do the same. I listen to my intuition and I take responsibility for the results of my choices. I also realize that I can always choose again.

I am not a victim of anything. I get to choose in every moment how I respond to life, the turns I take down any road and the speed at which I drive. I am unlimited, free and have the ability to live the life of my dreams. The key for me is clarity. Do I know what I want? If I do, the Universe gives me my road map. I must choose, be still, listen and then move. It’s an unlimited Universe in which we live. Do we believe it? That is the question.

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