Is It Really All In Your Mind?

“Ideas are the beginnings of all things, and imagination is the faculty that engineers them into form and function. Unfortunately, among humankind, this imagination is much more skillful in digging holes than in rearing structures of peace and happiness.” This statement was written by Dr. Ervin Seale in 1986. Mr. Seale wrote much on the works of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, the 19th Century healer.

It’s an incorrect statement to tell someone experienceing any kind of illness or disease in the world of form that “it’s all in their mind.” Of course it isn’t; it’s real. They are in pain and they are experiencing it. However, there is something to ponder in this idea that can heal everything in this world right now: It is the way we are using our indiviual  imaginations. Are we digging holes or building bridges in our life? What are we imagining for our world and all its people, for ourselves? Have we jumped into the holes of despair or are we doing our part to make the world a better place right where we are.

I just witnessed a family conversation where the people were tearing each other down, just in a simple text message. I always wonder how we can complain about what’s happening in Washington when we cannot even plan a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner?

A famous physician, Arnold Fox is quoted as saying that his years of research has shown him that people who live very long and happy live shave six crucial personality traits: “enthusiasm, moderation, serenity, optimism, interest in the future, and interest in others.”

I believe that it is worth cultivating their traits. It makes sense. It might not always be easy when looking to the outside and its turmoil, but it is mandatory if we want to be a presence for healing in the world. It all starts with us and it is all begins with the use of our minds. Dis-eases are just that – whether they be lack, poverty, war, illness – they are dis-eases of the mind that have shown up in form: shadows of our thinking. The dis-eases must be treated from their causes if we want lasting peace, health and abundance. It is possible for all of us.

What could free us more than to remain enthusiastic about life, moderate in all things, serene amidst the turmoil, optimistic, interested in a spectacular future and interested in the good others?

Tony Robbins wrote, “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” There is a solution to every problem, an answer to every question. It begins with us.

We have the answers within, and our connection to our inner Spiritual self is a relationship that is more than worth working on beginning right now. That relationship is the relationship that will keep us stayed on good, truth and love.

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