Grateful for the Good

“Every single person who’s drifted in and out of your life is a part of your divinely chosen experience. So, give thanks for all of these people,and take serious note of what they brought you.”

It’s Thanksgiving week and the country is focused on giving thanks. It can be lip service or we can really take a good deep sincere look at what we are grateful for.

We are also in the middle of a painful time in our history. As of late, so much is coming up in the area of sexuality. It can be really painful to witness, not just the people coming forth with their past hurts and sexual assaults; but for me, also witnessing all these perpetrators, one by one, whose lives are in ruins. It’s painful on both fronts.

I’m also sure that for many of us it might bring up times in our own lives when we had similar experiences. Maybe not as extreme, but still we might have chosen a different experience for ourselves if we could.

Please do not take what I’m going to say next as an excuse for violating another person, or for excusing it, or for saying they should or should not be prosecuted.

I just want to ask, “What now?” What do we do with this? Can we even conceive of the idea that all of this is coming up for healing? That it is good to finally take a deep breath and admit what happened to us. We can’t change the past, but we can change our relationship to it. Being able to speak our truth is empowering. I am thankful that the avenue has been cleared for this. I’m grateful that the perpetrators also get to reveal their dark shadows, even if unwillingly. The hiding must be very painful, too. I choose to see the good coming from all of this.

For me, I am going to practice forgiveness. Forgiveness for myself and for anyone in my past that I feel tainted my growing up in any way. I believe in the good and that means in all of it. I believe I can find what is expressed in the Wayne Dyer quote above by “taking serious note of what they brought” me. This includes parents, friends, passersby, and everyone in our lives.

I believe that the practice of gratitude could include being grateful for the dark experiences, too.  Perhaps they inspired us to say “never again,” and to help people in similar situations. Perhaps, those experiences assisted us to rise up and become more of our true selves and claim our destiny from a place of power. Can we believe as Wayne Dyer wrote that these experiences were “Divinely chosen?” That might be a little too much for some of us, but that’s okay. However, I think it’s worth contemplating.

For me at this time of Thanksgiving, I choose to be grateful for my life just as it is, just as it was, and know that by doing so I have secured a future that is filled with love, light and power. When I stay open to finding the good in a past that I cannot go back and change, I am free.

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