If You Just Believe…

Ernest Holmes wrote in Love and Law, “There is only one thing that I ask of you and that is that you will believe absolutely that this thing works. If you do not believe It works, It will not work; because everything is belief.”

When he is talking about this thing that works, this “It” he is talking about the Creative Mind or Law that takes the impress of our thoughts and replicates them in our outer experience. I want to believe this; don’t you?

It is not the first time that this statement has been made. If you look at the message of every major philosophy, religion and mystic, it follows that “It is done to us as we believe.”

We are about to enter the Holiday Season. I love this time of year. I love it because it is a time when I can just feel the energy of belief all around me and through me. The Spirit of the Holidays and the hearts and minds of children cannot be ignored. It’s still here in spite of everything we’ve done to suppress it through consumerism, wars, feelings of lack and other patterns of belief. Yes, those are all beliefs also.

We live in an unlimited Universe. Ideas are waiting to be expressed through us. We are creative beings of Divine Energy and Light. We are Mind in Action. We can experience the lives we desire.

We only need to start with belief. Not only belief in our desire, but belief in the “Mind in Action” that works through us. It is here to serve us. It asks that we let go of everyone else’s beliefs that have conjured up all sorts of things and ideas about impossibilities, and mind our own business. There is no need to talk about it or try to convince anyone. We just need to get to work on our own.

There are so many amazing ideas waiting to be birthed through us. I know we can feel them. It’s that Divine Urge that is uniquely ours. Let us get to work in our laboratories and prove to ourselves that there is a Force that brings everything forward when we believe in that Force.

Let us be “pure imagination.” Let us set our intentions and then trust, have faith and put those intentions into action. There is ours to do and the Universe does the rest…if we just believe. We are asked only to believe in that Force to do the rest. It says “yes” to our “yes.”

There is only one thing that of you, and that is that you will believe absolutely that this thing works. If you do not believe it works, it will not work; because everything is belief.”

Why wouldn’t we at least give it the month of December? For once, let us prove that it does work, instead of being so good at proving it doesn’t work. Believe it…or not! It’s your choice. Have an amazing December my fellow scientists!

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