Go Ahead…Call Me Delusional!

I had the honor of listening to a short talk by Anita Moorjani, the author of Dying to Be Me, and now: What if this is Heaven. She was visiting the Global Truth Center in Los Angeles, which is where I graduated from ministerial school.

If you do not know her story, she came back after being in a deep death coma, completely healed from Stage 4 Lymphoma. Her message is oneness and self-love and the knowing that Heaven is here on earth. The question she gets asked most often is “How do you live Heaven on earth?” When she gives people the answer, most often the people tell her it is impossible and she is delusional.

I would like to entertain this idea of how to live Heaven on earth in this blog. I know it is possible, because I feel that I am living Heaven on earth a large percentage of my time. I also know how it works for me and how it doesn’t work. I will pose a few questions you can contemplate.

Are you happy doing what you are doing or are you doing it just to survive?

Are you following your deep intuition that asks you to follow your passion and purpose or do you think it is impossible?

Do you have a deep abiding love and respect for yourself that cannot be disturbed by outside people or circumstances, or are you always trying to please people – even those who are impossible to please by changing yourself for others?

I’ve had plan B’s in order to live my plan A. It never worked. I’ve ignored my intuition and traveled down roads that took me far off purpose. I’ve been a people pleaser, disregarding my own self-respect. I’ve lived in the state of mind called hell until lifted myself out. It didn’t take an effort. It took making a decision.

I believe we think we have to do something on the outside in order to live our highest potential. It is an inside job and only an inside job. It takes the risk of being scorned. It can feel scary and uncomfortable at first. It can feel lonely. It can make you leave everything that felt secure. However, when we begin to live our true self, all these things drop away and something else happens. We begin to live more fully, happily. We have a sense that we are in heaven. We find support coming through us from an Infinite Universe. From this place, we become a blessing to the world.

When Anita Moorjani came out of her coma and began to heal, she began to live the life that she had been denying herself. She just began living it. That life took her out of her present environment and put her on the path of love – beginning with self-love. She now touches people all over the world with her journey.

Anita Moorjani is no different than any of us. We all have the capability, guidance, direction that she experiences because we all come from the one Source with the same Power. That Power is the Power of Choice. Anita says she had the choice to come back to earth or not. Yes, even that choice.

No one can live our lives but us. There is no savior to lift us out of misery besides us. We are the answer we seek. The answer we seek is seeking us. Today is the day to say yes to the Real. People might call us delusional, but that’s okay. We are. We refuse to believe in the necessity and inevitability of war, poverty, and hate. If that’s delusional, I’m signing up today.

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