The More…

Do you believe there is always more? I learned this concept from my father. He was born in Italy and went through WWII. He was poor and had to hide out in the woods. He told me once he was so hungry he had to eat a cat. Wow! I can’t even imagine that! Since that day, he could never feel comfortable around cats.

I don’t know all of his story. However, what I do know is how my dad turned out. He came to this country in his own words, “Not speaking our language, not a penny in his pocket, and became a doctor.”

How did my dad teach me that there was always more? He lived this principle. His life most definitely exemplified it. He was always expanding and he didn’t put limits on himself. I suppose he had a lot of money for those days, but it wasn’t about the money. He didn’t even talk about money. He talked about experiences and big things.

I remember once he came to my house in New Mexico. I was so proud to finally own a beautiful home with four bedrooms with a beautiful view of the Sandia Mountains. He looked around approvingly and then said with a smile on his face, “There is even more than this, Rita.”

At the time, I felt a little put off, but now I understand that statement in a new way. There is always more, and it doesn’t drive us to want more. Instead, it allows us to open up to more – to expansion. In the philosophy that I practice, Ernest Holmes wrote, “we are forever expanding…” even when we leave this experience. I believe this.

I’ve had opportunities to go backward or to stand still, but now I see that is impossible. There is always more to know, which allows me to experience more of this experience called earth. I am looking at my life now and observing myself. Am I going forward, experiencing more, or am I shrinking back and closing off, thinking this is it?

I remember when I got my first real acting job in Los Angeles. I had a different attitude then and it’s one of the many reasons I didn’t succeed in that field. The day of that shoot, I walked around the set, and instead of saying there’s more for me, I thought, this is the last time I’ll experience this. I just couldn’t grasp the idea that this was a world into which I could expand. Everything is belief.

Since I’ve learned about expansion and what it takes to open up to the more, I don’t think that way any more. However, I still have to be careful that I don’t slip back into old ways. It takes vigilance, prayer, meditation and clarity to keep a mind stayed on truth in this world. Outside appearances can deceive us. However, behind all that seems like limitation, there is more. So much is happening that we cannot even see. Can you imagine how many organisms live on one leaf in your garden? You probably couldn’t count them.

We live in an Infinite Universe. There is more and more. We get to experience as much of it as we can conceive. If you are in an experience that seems limiting, test this concept. Just walk out a little into the more right where you are. It starts with the imagination. If we can conceive of it, believe, we can achieve. It’s been said before, but it rings so true today. I know it continues to be true in my life.

I choose to trust the more, and to walk forward into it with every decision that I make.

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