Who Am I and Where Am I Going?

Yesterday, we had our very first Board Practitioner Retreat here at CSL Kaua’i. We were gifted with a beautiful estate for the day. We were surrounded by the beauty of nature and artwork from around the world. There energy was palatable – healing and nurturing.

During our time together we explored the questions: Who am I and Where Am I? and  then Where are We? as a collective group? It was a most enlightening day for me, both as individual and as a leader of this Center.

We have a vision for this Center of Spiritual Living – a property that will contain all the facilities to conduct a 24/7 healing Center. Ernest Holmes once wrote, all we do is “teach and practice.” The question of whether we are ready for this vision – this property and all it contains is answered with the answer to whether or not we are “teaching and practicing.” And, are we teaching and practicing at the level of the critical mass of energy needed to create the next birth.


Our lease in our present place is up in 2.5 more years? One of the participants in the retreat mentioned that there might be an interim step. I believe she was referring to a smaller vision than the one before us. However, as I pondered this question, I realized that there is an interim step. It is the lifting of consciousness of each and every member of our present center. It is building a consciousness of healing of our own individual lives in the way of prosperity, health, creativity and loving relationships. It is not about having a congregation. It is about having a giving, contributing community who would do all they could to make sure that CSL Kaua’i is here because it has contributed to their lives in huge ways.

The interim step is to build the self by becoming more of our God-Self, and it starts with its leaders. And, when enough of us have built our selves according to our Divine blueprint, the critical mass will have been reached.

I know what I have to do, not in the motion of being a doer, but in the motion of being more than I’ve been before. I am willing to live this Principle to an even higher level than I’ve ever done before.  All the answers lie in living Principle: God is all there is! The immutable Law is my servant. I must use it well.

I take an oath today, to live and breathe the Science of Mind and Spirit to a higher level than I’ve ever done before, without expecting others to do the same. I know that Spirit places me exactly where I need to be to give my gifts of which I have many. I don’t have to know where that is right now. I only need to live and by living inspire others to do the same. CSL Kaua’i will grow accordingly, just as it has up to this point.

This quote by Emmet Fox, summarizes it all: “Never try to force other people to accept Spiritual Truth. Instead, see to it that they are so favorably impressed with your own life and conduct, and the peace and joy that radiate from you, that they will come running to you of their own accord, begging you to give them the wonderful thing that you have.”

These words I have written here are for everyone to contemplate. Where are you and who are you? The more we know who we are – Divine Incarnations of the One – and the more we live from that place, the more we are given the perfect roadmap for taking us on the journey of an endless amount of interim steps that are really one step. When we think as God would think, we have created the highest Cause that is out-picturing as our lives.

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