Can You Solve a Mystery

I love a good mystery. One of my favorite fun shows is Father Brown from BBC. It is fun to try to figure out who the culprit is by following all the clues along with Father Brown. Most of the time, I think I’ve solved the crime; but then if it is a really good story, there is always a twist that surprises me. This is the sign of good writing.

I believe that much of life is a mystery. I know, for myself, I am always trying to figure out why this or that is so. I’m trying to solve the mystery of a certain occurrence in my life or in someone else’s. Most of the time, I do not have all the pieces to the story. It becomes impossible, because I am trying to solve the mystery from the outside – in. I’m looking at what I see with no idea of what went before or is even occurring right now.

Over time, I’ve come to understand that in most things, I must surrender to the mystery of life. It’s not all mine to figure out. When I do this, something happens. I begin to look at what I see in a different way. I trust it as part of the mystery of life.

I know that life is for me, not against me. That is the premise I live by. When I trust that and surrender to the mystery, I find the miraculous. And then, in hindsight, I can see that the pieces and signs were there all along. Have you ever experienced something that you didn’t understand while you were experiencing it, only to look back and fully understand it?

This is something that can only be experienced individually in our own unique way because we are all having different experiences. I found an affirmation today that came to me via a local Unity Minister. It says, “I surrender to the mystery, and I trust what I am shown.”

No matter what we are each experiencing, I invite us to try this affirmation on and see where it takes us. Perhaps, like the good mystery novel or show, there will be a surprise twist that will take us to the miracle that’s been there all the time. And then, we’ll say, “Oh, now I see…”

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