It’s Your Decision

Is it hard for you to make a decision? I remember when we’d take our toddler son into the ice cream store and let him pick out a flavor. He just couldn’t decide. Everyone else would already be eating their cones, and he’d still be trying to figure out which one he wanted. What made him take so long, I often wondered. Maybe, it was because every one looked so delicious.

Life is delicious and there are many roads we can take. As for me, when I’m having a hard time making a decision it’s usually about the fear of making the wrong decision. However, what I know is making a decision about any aspect about my life is the first most important step in any venture. As soon as I make a clear decision, I find that everything begins to flow in the direction of that decision. When my intention is clear, the results just appear.

It’s all about energy. Focused energy attracts the thing it is focused on. Many people do not know what they want, and then they wonder why nothing is happening. That clarity and knowing, as I said, is the most important step in creating the experiences of life that we so desire.

So what if we make a decision and then find it is not what we really wanted? We can decide again…and again. Life is delicious and full of amazing experiences.

Also, upon making a decision, we can find that the decision leads us to something totally new and even grander. I made the decision once to go to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Through the unexpected twists and turns of that decision, I became a minister. I now live in Hawaii, fulfilled, happy and energized in making new decisions every day.

Decisions are the inalienable right of choice-filled, intelligent expressions of Divine Energy. That would be each of us. We all have the capacity and wisdom to make good decisions for our lives. No one can tell another person what is the right decision for him or her. However, sometimes, when we do not make decisions for ourselves we find decisions being made for us. I’m sure we’ve all been there at one time or another.

I have a weight loss program called “You’re the Boss.” The first step is always making the decision, not to lose weight, but to be healthy and have the exact body that you want for yourself. As soon as I made that decision, everything fell into place. I’d listen my intuition when eating, I’d know if that piece of food supported my decision. I lost over fifty pounds this way. I’m now live at my ideal perfect weight.

This is just one example from my life. I have many. What I know is it is possible for everyone to make decisions for their life. It is easiest when we spend time getting in touch with our True Self. It is easiest when we are willing to truly listen to what is calling us and to put aside any of those voices that say it is impossible.

If there were a word I could take out of the dictionary it would be “impossible.” The embracing of that word has stopped many dreams. I invite us all to make those decisions today that support our amazing selves, get out-of-the-way of how that decision will flow, and just get into the flow. Get ready for the miracles. I read an affirmation today. Feel free to embrace it: “When the intention is clear, the results appear.”


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