I Love You, California!

I am finding myself turning toward the condition. I have so many friends in the California area of the fires that it is occupying my mind in a way that is not conducive to assisting them. This morning in meditation, I got the strong message to “turn away from the condition.”

What does this mean? Well, first of all, it doesn’t mean I am in denial. I am well aware of what is happening and know that in the world of form there is imminent danger. I am well aware of the facts. However, I do not work in the world of form. I do not put out fires with hoses and chemicals, nor do I wave my hands in the air and wish them away.

There is something else I must do as a mental and spiritual practitioner. I turn away from the condition to First Cause – the Power that creates everything – that has never been touched by experience. I reduce everything that is happening to the mental field. I declare that God is all there is, and even there in California God is making Itself known in all Its perfection. I declare peace, safety, Divine guidance and direction in each and every person involved and present in the experience into Law. God is at the helm of this experience making Itself known in all Its perfection. There is a rising of Love and Grace right now, extinguishing anything unlike itself, flowing unobstructed with all Its Force. Perfect Love casteth out all fear and Perfect Love is present.

Staying centered and steady is my only job now. It isn’t easy always to stay centered when it seems like all hell is breaking loose. However, I choose to know that all Heaven is breaking loose right now in California. I choose to turn the tides in my mind, showering California with sweet love, and yes, rain. The unlimited Law that says yes to my yes now. I get out-of-the-way of how this happens and I know it has already happened. I let go to the unlimited Law, knowing that it takes everything to the perfect outcome. All is well. And so it is!

I love you, California. I am here assisting in the only way I know how right now. I’m standing by for further instruction.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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