Staying Grounded in Spirit

As I sit here over 2000 miles away across an ocean, I am thinking of my dear spiritual family in the Ventura/Los Angeles area who are experiencing the present fire. I woke up feeling quite worried about them. I immediately went into Spiritual Mind Treatment. What did I pray for? I declared safety, solution, support, Divine Guidance and direction in the heart of each person. I declared that Love and Peace is present and making itself known in and through everyone and everything, and much more.

Many things have come to my mind in the wake of these fires and other recent fires and floods and earthquakes. It is this: The world of form is fleeting. We put way too much emphasis on it. Some of us spend our whole lives acquiring things. Now, don’t get me wrong. Things and homes and the world of form is an amazing thing. We are here to experience it.  I am grateful to be in my body and to have beautiful things. However, for me, I know Spirit, the Changeless, is what endures eternally. It also backs all form and is forever changing form…

The question is: do I put as much time into the one Thing that will live beyond the things  – my Spirit? Do I spend the time and energy needed to replenish my Spirit everyday? Am I growing in Spirit, so that if and when things like fires and other disasters happen, I am up to it? Am I prayed up, so I can stay centered and hear my Divine guidance? Do I feel safe no matter where I am?

These are all good questions to ask ourselves now when we are out of harms’ way. Spirit is all in all. It has not left these people in California or anywhere in the world. It is moving through them through this whole experience, I know, bringing Itself back to Itself. When I think of trials and tribulations like these, I always know that Spirit is just getting our attention in a dramatic way.

I know that no matter where we are and what we are experiencing that we are always safe. The Universe has our backs, and it is for us, not against us. I live by this and it changes everything for me. It assists me in looking deeper than the surface, staying calm and knowing really…All is always well.

I stay centered in love and peace for my friends and those I do not know in Southern California. The Heart of God is right where you are, beating through and as you.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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