What Are We Waiting For?

What are we waiting for? Sometimes, I get tired of saying I am an evolving point of consciousness in the Mind of God. Yes, of course, I am alway evolving and expanding, but sometimes it makes me feel like there is something that I haven’t quite gotten yet or understood yet. I need to know that I am more than that right now. How about you?

For how much longer can we say that we are growing or only human? I know that it is done unto me as I believe and that my word has power; so I feel that I want to begin to use a different lingo and think of myself and you in a different way.

Today, I read an excerpt from a Christmas Play called “The Birth of Awareness,” written by Rev. Sharon Dunn and posted in the Science of Mind Magazine by Rev. Kathleen Lenover.  It was written using the words of Ernest Holmes.

Right now, wherever you are, repeat this phrase with your name in it rather than Jesus’s. “Jesus located God in his own soul. So complete was this realization that he was unable to find a place where the being of Jesus began and God left off, or where the being of God began and Jesus ceased. Jesus thought of the Spirit as being personal to him, as directly responding to and being aware of man’s approach to it. He located God and the Kingdom of Heaven within himself.” (Of course, if you are a woman, like me, please use pronouns such as “she” and “her.”

How did you feel when replacing your own name into the text? To tell you the Truth, I felt great and comforted and more enlightened. I realized that I have the same capabilities to think and believe as Jesus did.

So, what are we waiting for? If we keep telling ourselves that there is some date in the future when we will get it, that is what will continue to be. We’ll be waiting for the future.  Instead, I believe that if we begin telling ourselves the Truth, we will have no choice but to act from that place. It’s Christmas time, the Christ Consciousness is on our minds. Let’s try it on right now. Our minds are powerful and we need to speak to ourselves in powerful ways. I have no doubt we will live up to it. I have a feeling, a really good feeling about this.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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