To Believe is to Act

I can say I believe something, but am I acting from that place? If I want to test myself on whether or not I believe something, I should check into my actions. Am I acting like I believe that?

Many times, I hear people say that they do believe; but then when they really delve a little deeper, they find that there are many other ideas and beliefs lodged deep within them that counter and neutralize those things they say they believe in.

What is the answer? It’s really quite simple. Start to act from the place of your belief. Say you are working on having a job that makes your heart sing. You know what it is. You are clear. Begin to act as if it is true. Approach all your work from a place of joy. Find ways to bring the characteristics of your dream job into whatever you are doing now. Find times in to volunteer in activities that nurture that feeling. Start where you are putting your belief into action. Let it be true now.

I know that when you begin to do this, the new belief gets stronger and stronger. It begins to attract to you exactly what you are. We cannot do it in the reverse. We must start right here and now with what we have. We have a power called imagination, but let us not keep it in our heads. Let us put it into action.

Think of it, all great inventors had the belief that something was so, but then they went out and put that belief into action – testing it until they got their results. We are no different. We are all inventing and living our lives based on our beliefs.

We are the dreamers. We dream of peace. We dream of living lives of passion and creativity. We dream of abundance for all. It is time to begin to act out those dreams. It is time to look for the manifestations everywhere. I know that if we remain open and clear, that we are directed and guided. I know that all that we desire, provided it hurts no one else, is ours already. It is our honor and privilege to take it, if we believe we can.

Let us prove that “to believe is to act!”


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