I’m Depressed???

I know that there can be many reasons to be depressed, not just at the Holidays, but everyday. We can look at the world and think its just awful. We can look at our lives and see all the things we do not have. We can feel unloved, unappreciated and misunderstood. We can feel lonely and poor. We can focus on many things that seem less than perfect and sometimes downright depressing – yes, depressing.

I have another idea. Call me a Polly-Anna or a dreamer, but I stick to my case. I do, because I know what is possible. I’ve been all the things I wrote above and I changed my life. I did it by taking responsibility for my power to create the life that I wanted to live instead of the one that was dragging me down. Both lives were and are possibilities in me.

I did it by changing my mind and then making changes in my life one step at a time. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t comfortable. However, as Michael Beckwith once said, “Pain pushes us until vision pulls.” Pain can be a great teacher, but eventually vision will pull us out of our pain if we can allow ourselves to see or be a seer.

I would like to present a tool chest for Joy, not just during the Holidays, but always. These are not new ideas. They’ve been stated and used before because they work. I can attest to it.

  1. Get a new vision for good and be a dreamer. (Imagine)
  2. Spend time with your vision – think about it for at least ten minutes a day. This is not day dreaming, it is powerful. “As a man thinketh, so he is.” (James Allen)
  3. The most important thing about a vision is the way it feels, not the things involved in it. What is it that you want to feel? Do you want to feel rich? It’s not always about money. You can feel rich right now. Look around with rich eyes.
  4. Do something concrete about your vision. Take a step. “Look for reasons to feel good.” (Abraham-Hicks)
  5. Give gratitude for everything in your life, past and present. EVERYTHING is our teacher. There is no bigger downer than being stuck in what you consider past mistakes. Let is all go. You can do it if you choose, and it is a choice.
  6. Go out and volunteer doing the things you like to do. It gets you into the energy of your imagined life. And, volunteering will put you with like-minded people. You might even find yourself in the career of your dreams. That’s what happened to me.
  7. Hang with people who are living life to the fullest. If you can’t get there yet, at least read about them. Reading about successful and happy people is uplifting.
  8. Turn off the news. I know you’ve heard this one before. You can still stay in touch with what’s happening in the world. If something major occurs, there will be plenty of people to tell you about it. You can’t change anything by watching it over and over. Spending your time doing something loving will do far more for you and the world.
  9. Practice the Law of Giving and Receiving. In other words, find ways to give of yourself, your money, your time, you smile…anything. Be open to receive, too. Many times we close ourselves off from receiving. Giving and Receiving work together.
  10. You don’t have to like everyone, but loving everyone goes a long way to reflecting love in your own life. It comes from realizing that not everyone is totally actualized, including you. People make mistakes, say hurtful things, and do things that are less than loving. However, when we have a little compassion for others and accept where they are, it takes the tremendous burden of judgement from our own shoulders. If you can spot it, you usually got it. Forgive, forget and move on, beginning with yourself.
  11.  If you need help with any or all of the above, reach out. There is so much help out there, you will be overwhelmed with support, love and grace. Once you start the change, everything is attracted to you to support it.

So, call me a dreamer, if you want, but there is not a thing that I wrote up there that I haven’t proved and continue to work on everyday. Life is a journey. We are evolving consciousness in every moment. We can choose to be unhappy and focused on everything that is wrong, or we can take a step into happiness right now, where we are. We do not have to go any further than we can right in this moment, but we can at least start moving in the positive direction. The Universe will meet us and pull our vision into reality. Before we know it, we are living it.

Love and Aloha

Rev. Rita

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