Gaining a Higher Perspective on Life

I’ve been thinking upon my own reaction to the things that have been occurring in my life, and I’ve come up with the knowing that I just think differently than the normal race consciousness, and that is a good thing… for me.

Ernest Holmes once wrote that we should align our minds with the Mind of God. Now in Reality our mind is the Mind of God. It’s just a matter of how much of that Mind we are using. We can never encompass all of it or use it up, but we can sink deeper and deeper into it until we are truly thinking from that place. That has been my aim for the past 20 years, since I entered on the path of embodying this teaching.

It isn’t always easy and many things confront me on a daily basis; however, I will say that over time, it has gotten easier and easier. Some of my techniques and practice are meditation, reading, and writing, and spiritual mind treatment, which I do every single day. I’ve never missed a day in I don’t know how long. I’m not saying this to brag, but to emphasize how important it is. I can’t afford to miss a day. If I need to get up earlier, I get up earlier. My benefits from all this consist of being able to look a fact in the face and see through it to a higher level. Also, I am able to enter daily life from a higher viewpoint not loftier, but thinking logically from a spiritual perspective.

I have many examples of occurrences in my life in the areas of health, finances, relationships and even my own employment that have shifted remarkably because of my practice. I have to say I am grateful for myself and my diligence in working on changing my mode of thinking and believing. I have truly grown from victim to creator.

I take responsibility for it all – everything that has occurred in my life, even when I’ve been unconscious. I take responsibility for my own life. I do not have control over anyone else. My only responsibility is to see everyone in the highest light. We are all free to live life as we choose. If I can help in physical terms I do, but otherwise, I work only in the unseen.

I’m thinking on all this today because there has been a lot of people around me who have transitioned, been ill and are suffering in other ways. I remain steadfast in my knowing for them. And, yes, I do feel sad. It is not about cutting off my feelings. I feel sad, but it is a different kind of sadness. It’s sadness, not despair. Perhaps that is a better way to put it. Also, I realize that it is not my responsibility to change someone else or try to fix them. My only responsibility is to be a presence of peace and love.

I believe that if I keep down this path, I will develop a deeper and deeper understanding of the mysteries of life. This will happen because I will stay right where I am. I will understand what I can when I can, and then know that what I need to know is always right where I am. I won’t try to go further than I am, but know that I am always expanding.

I trust that what I have been compelled to write here is of some assistance to you, dear reader. Much thanks and blessings for 2018.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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