My Reflection

What if every single thing, person and experience that came into our lives was our own reflection. I’ve been thinking about that lately. If I am the creator of my life experience, and I do it through the power of my Mind, then everything that is set in front of me is an outplay of that. This is spiritual logic.

To me, it means that if something is in front of me that makes me feel less than God, Light, Love, then it must be emanating from me. It must be my reflection. There is no out there; there is only in here.

This is why I believe that self-love is the most important part of our spiritual evolution. If we start from that place, then everything else has to follow. When things get off the mark, our tendency might be to point outward, but really don’t forget the three fingers that are pointing toward ourselves when we point a finger. Our journey to healing must begin within.

I recently had an experience where I felt hurt and disrespected. What does that word “disrespected” meaning?  According to Webster it is “low regard or esteem for someone or something…” Okay, so I felt disrespected. I couldn’t for a moment clarify to myself what I should do. I wanted to point out and get mad, but what I know is that everything and everyone is God and we are all connected.  So, what I came to realize is that this person was a part of me, a reflection of my present consciousness. The disrespect I was feeling was really emanating from myself.

So what did I need to do? Affirm that I respected myself as a Divine Idea in the Mind of God. Affirm that I  loved myself and that I am always and forever surrounded by love. Lift my own self-esteem. The only outcome of this play of life (my life) upon itself can be an outpicturing of that same reflection. Spiritual Mind Treatment took me to another level of understanding and realization. As I’ve said before, it takes practice.

We are all reflecting ourselves to each other. We are all connected. Nothing is separate. God is in and through everything. There is only one Life and we all live in that one Life now and forever. If we want something to be different in the world or in our relationships with others, we must start by going within and changing the consciousness that is looking out.

It is and always will be an inside job. The great prophets, mystics and teachers all have spoken the same sentiments in different ways, “Look Within” or “Know Thyself” or “the Kingdom of Heave is within” “from within to without.” Okay…it’s time to get this and really make it useful.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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