Transformation is a Journey

We are about to embark on one of the most amazing times of our year here at CSL Kaua’i. It is called the Sacred Journey. We are hosting our 5th Journey this year and people from around the world and here on Kaua’i will be with us for a week – 19 total. We will experience what we are calling “The Journey of Transformation.” All our workshops and rituals and visiting of sacred sites here on the Island will be based on this theme.

I have to check in with myself constantly, because if I allow it, this can become a very stressful time. There is a lot to do and much of it falls on the shoulders of my co-spiritual director – Patrick and myself. Oh, yes, we have a team in place, but there is something that is always ours to do and that is to oversee it all and to make sure that we provide the most amazing experience possible.

We have to remind ourselves that we are here to give and there is another part to that giving. There is the receiving part. The responsibility of receiving resides in the consciousness of those who signed up for the journey.

The reason I am reminding myself of this, is because sometimes I can make myself responsible for what others receive. I can spend time taking care of how what I give is received. Actually, this is none of my business. I am responsible for what I give, but after it leaves me, the receiving is the responsibility of the receiver.

I also affirm to myself the ease and grace of this Journey. I affirm that all is already amazing and that Patrick and I have all the energy, wisdom and support to allow the Journey to unfold in perfection. I also know that it is a moment-to-moment experience and I must be like the bamboo – strong, but ready to bend without breaking.

There is so much to life and all its journeys. This Journey is just a journey within my life journey. It is an unfolding path inward that allows me to grow and expand my own consciousness. It’s good to know that I am not doing it alone and that I have a constant partner within that is Wisdom, Love, Light and Life itself.

I invite us all to consider our journeys and how we live them. Do we fret at every turn or do we trust that every turn is a turn toward good (even when it doesn’t seem that way)? Do we take responsiblity for our part in the journey and allow others to take their part and experience it in their own way? Do we have the ability to surrender ourselves to that Higher Life that breathes through us that will never allow us to falter, that is our strength and wisdom at all times?

It’s an important time in our evolution to take lots of breaths, to go within, to trust and have faith in ourselves and what we know. It is an important time to be willing to surrender our ego ways and allow the greater love to pour forth from us. It’s an important time to grow up finally, to say its okay to be who we are, to not hold back our light, to give ourselves in the way we know how to give. We are all on a journey and it forever spirals inward and upward. I am in love with this idea and have faith with the way it plays out as my life.

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