I Have a Choice

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “we can change the  trend of causation set in motion any time we decide to do so.” I have a choice. I think this is the most important thing to know in life. I have a choice to think differently in any moment. I have a choice to make a new decision about my life in any moment. I have a choice to do something or not do it. I have a choice to feel a certain way or not. I have a choice.

Sometimes, in my experience, I have spoken with people who do not think they have a choice. They are so deep into the story and circumstances of their life that they have lost all sight of what is possible. They have forgotten to breathe and go within and ask that Divine Intelligence within them, their intuition, what is right in this moment. They have forgotten that they are free.

I have a friend who gave me a little piece of advice that really works for me. We were looking at our calendars and trying to decide when to get together again. She said why don’t you just pick the date that makes you sigh with relaxation – sort of like a relaxing “ahhhhh…” It worked.

Now when I look at any decision or choice that seems so important in the moment, I use that technique. It is a useful tool for me because I can be one of those people who “up until now” would say yes to things even knowing I was overloading myself.

I am always at choice in life no matter what is in front of me. If I can first go within and ask that intuition within what feels right here or what is mine to do, I will release all of those “shoulds” and “musts” and things that leave me stuck in places that have no meaning for me. Really unless we can do something with a full heart of love, we are doing no good.

In invite us all to look at our choices today. When something comes up, I invite us to breathe and feel into it – truly. Do we sigh with relaxation or do we tense up? Feelings are a foolproof barometer. We might not totally like the answer we get. It might make us feel a little out of control or we might have to let go of a should. However, I know there is the Divine Intelligence in each of us to make the right and good choices at all time. It is within us to change the trend of causation in any moment for the highest good of ourselves and all.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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