Who’s Really Running this Show?

I sometimes have to remind myself of who is really running this show. When I say this show, I mean that which I have chosen to do at this particular moment. Life is a whole production and then there are my day-to-day shows.

It is a show because it has all the elements of a production. There is a definite play happening with a beginning, middle and ending. There is what we call in theater a conflict or something that is needing to be learned and/or explored, resolved or maybe not. There are players or actors. There is a director, a producer and even a stage manager who takes care of things moment-by-moment and calls the shots: entrances, exits, lights up and lights down.

I guess William Shakespeare was really onto it when he wrote, “All the world‘s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.”

Yes this is a show and the name of this particular play is “The Sacred Journey of Transformation.” All those parts are played by me. I’ve cast the show. I’ve made this whole thing up and called forth my mental equivalent. There is much to do everyday. I am the actor. I am the director. I am the producer. I am the play itself.

However, the thing that I need to remind myself of, which will change the whole show is WHO I ACTUALLY AM. Who is really running this show?

It isn’t just some small time actor, producer and director. It is the very Mind of God that is running this show. Ernest Holmes once wrote, “The Thing (God) then, works for us by working through us and is us always. It cannot work for us in any other way. It spreads Itself over the whole universe and shouts at us from every angle, but It can become power to us ONLY WHEN WE RECOGNIZE IT AS POWER.”

And so, no matter what show you are in right now in this play called Life, give yourself the gentle reminder of who is actually in charge of that show. It is the Mind of God/Power/Source/Divinity (whatever you want to call it), and it is working through you. It knows all. It is inexhaustible energy. It is Love. It is Perfect. There is nothing to do, but recognize it as such and use it, or as some people like to put it, “allow it to use you.”

Wow! What a relief. I am so grateful to be reminded of this right now. All is well and I am grateful.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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