What If It’s Already Happened?

In our treatment or prayer work, in the Science of Mind and Spirit, we often close with “I give thanks and release this word, knowing it is already so.” This could, to some, be a difficult concept to grasp. I want to dwell on it for a moment, so as to bring more clarity to it for myself and for whomever is reading this.

How could something have already happened when I do not see evidence anywhere? In fact, I see just the opposite. Well, let’s say we are in the midst of limitation and lack and a bank account that says “0”. How can we say that we are already rich and abundant and over-flowing in wealth? It’s very simple, really. It’s not magic either; it’s logical.

Everything occurring is an experience, but beyond that experience there is first Cause or the point of creation. It is always creating from Itself just what we conceive in mind. It doesn’t know anything besides what we think as it. It is us, our own consciousness. We are individualized points of consciousness experiencing the whole at our level of being. Wherever we are in consciousness, we are in the world of material reality.

So we are not making anything happen; we are merely changing our relationship to it. There is already all the wealth that could ever be; but, what is our relationship to it? Do we believe it is outside of ourselves and that we are grasping for it? Or, is it a part of our experience? There is no way to “get” something. There is only allowing it to happen for us. It’s already happened. It’s just not part of our experience. This is why practicing and working on our own self-esteem and self-love is so important.

So, as Ernest Holmes would say, whatever it is we want more of in our life – whether it is health, wealth, loving relationships – we must first believe in it as part of our experience. We must feel healthy right where we are. We must feel wealthy right where we are. We must feel loving right where we are. As we do, we begin to experience it. Otherwise, we are pushing it away. Wherever we dwell in mind, so it is in our experience.

In our philosophy, we believe that God is man/woman or man/woman is God. God is not a man up on a cloud. It is a Principle. It is Love working through Law.

Whichever way you look at it, We are getting to know God through our self-discoveries. In our philosophy, it is the only way we can do it. Evolution is all about advancing in mind where we want to go. God is everything, and to us it is what we can conceive it to be. Electricity was always here, but man had to discover it. We do not create things we allow them to unfold by being able to bring our consciousness to a place where they are realities to us. Then, we experience it.

For a very long time, we have believed in war and we have believed in lack and limitation and other negative experiences. We’ve made them so real that it seems that they are inevitable. However, they are only effects of our thinking. They really have nothing to back them besides what we give them in mind. Don’t you think it is time to believe in something else? It’s up to us. It’s our work to do – each of us, starting right where we are.

The way points toward the self. We can’t go forward while we are still denying ourselves our True Nature and focusing on a limited view of life. Let us all step up right now and be something just a little better than we were a moment ago, and then do that same thing again and again – stepping a little higher into consciousness. I am knowing we are doing that right now, and I’ll start by doing it myself.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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