I feel such gratitude today for the opportunity we had to spend time with Sadasivanathaswami at the Hindu Temple. We do this pilgrimage to the Hindu Temple every year on our Sacred Journey. It is a testament to me of the Unity and oneness that we are. Our conversation and sharing with him brought to light the universal nature of Truth.

One of the Truths he shared was what the Hindus call “the three perfections of God.” It was quite identical to what we believe in the Science of Mind, which is no wonder since Ernest Holmes was a seeker of Truth and a synthesizer; and Hinduism was one of his studies. The Swami sent us Gurudeva’s simple explanation of the three perfections.

I just want to share a part of the first perfection today and just compare it for a moment to Science of Mind: “An Absolute Reality, Siva is unmanifest, unchanging and transcendent, the Self God, the timeless, formless and spaceless. As Pure Consciousness, Siva is the manifest primal substance, pure love and light flowing through all form, existing everywhere in time and space as infinite intelligence and power.” It goes on to tell us that as we know Siva all is known.

In our faith we too believe in that one Absolute Power, unchanging and transcendent, formless and Pure Consciousness. In fact, one of the names we call it is the Absolute. We know that we can only know God by coming from that place and living our life from that highest Consciousness. We expand and grow in this at all times. We are all-knowing God at our own level of consciousness. It is a journey that continues forever and ever-expanding.

No one should feel that they are less than anyone or even less than God. God is and we are. God is everywhere in and through everything. We cannot say that God is in that beautiful flower or amazing person and then say God is not in the horrific. God is everywhere in everything and it is all about the level of God that we are living or living from. The Swami used the idea of chakras and that some people live from the lower chakras; however, it is still God.

This explanation of the Principle of God that we totally agree with is the only Principle that can make sense to me and explain everything that happens in the world of form. All of life is a Journey of God recognizing Itself in each one of us, and each one of us recognizing ourselves in God. It is spiritual evolution and we are all experiencing it.

The Swami did mention that the spiritual path is difficult. Yes, it is, but not in the sense of strain and anguish. It is difficult because it take time, patience, and extreme discipline to bring oneself above the world of conditions into the higher realms of consciousness, and then to live on this earth plane from that place. It is a journey of commitment to finding our Truth and living it no matter what.

I am so grateful for life and for this eternal journey. There is nothing to fear. Life is always unfolding for our good and Divine right action is always in place.

Love and Aloha

Rev. Rita

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