It’s Perfect?

As we near the end of this Sacred Journey, many things come up for me. The most prevalent thing is that I am never in control of anyone’s experience. I offer myself and the Journey to those who come and they each receive it in their own way. Sometimes, it seems that something is expected of me that I could not possibly give and that is to make the Journey as each particular person would want it to be. However, I realize that this is my journey to realizing that I am not here to please, but only to give.

The Journey comes from the heart of my husband and I. It is a gift for all who would receive it. The Journey is whatever they make of it. Their making of it is a solitary journey. Each person gets to experience it in exactly the way they perceive it and receive it. I cannot put expectations on that experience or requirement.

Bringing this idea to life experience, I can see that sometimes we have expectations of ourselves and others. We have a symbol of perfection that we hold up and aspire to. When we fall short, we can feel that in someway we hae failed. However, it is all made up: the symbol of perfection and our idea of failure.

There is only one thing happening at all times and that is perfection. Right where we are, we are always doing our best. This is true because we are being whatever knowledge and wisdom we have in that moment. What could be more perfect than that. I believe that when we get the idea that our best in whatever we are experiencing in the moment, we will release expectation and be in the moment. We will be present with who we are and put our emphasis instead on becoming the more, of going deeper.

In our philosophy, we understand that we cannot know anything that we do not already know. When we open up to the Divine circuits and claim our good, it has to pour through us.

The Journey is perfect with all its faults and crevices, with all its cracks and so-called flaws. Perfection is a misconception in that it is not in the world of form at all. Perfection is in the moment and unfolds according to Law. It has no beginning. It has no end and it is different to each and every person according to their perception. Perfection is a never-ending process of unfoldment of something that is already so.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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