You are Perfect!

I read this today from the Science of Mind: “Never look at that which you do not wish to experience.” Does this seem like an impossibility or not realistic? Does it seem like we are being asked to put our heads in the sand? Actually, just the opposite.

What I believe is that we are being asked to stop being naysayers and doomsday believers. We are being asked to start believing in a perfect world and a perfect life of light and love. This challenge makes total sense to me, and I know that if we could meet it, we would live more peaceful, healthful and loving lives.

Have you ever been with someone who gives you a blow-by-blow description of their health issues? What are they doing? They are looking at that which they do not wish to experience. I know people who are suffering a great deal – in fact they have healed themselves from supposed un-mendable broken bones, cancer and much more. They did it by focusing on what they wanted to experience. It wasn’t easy. It isn’t easy sometimes to persist when we are suffering. Doctors are good and we need them, but there is also a spiritual world that backs everything. Let us not forget it.

I read something else today that struck me. How can we expect to heal our lives when we consider ourselves to be broken? In other words, how can we be guilty about what we have done in the past, or still feel abused, or hurt by some event, and expect ourselves to heal. Many of us have been brought up to think less of ourselves. We feel imperfect and broken, and still we expect to heal from illnesses or financial woes. “What can be more perfect than a Divine idea in the Mind of God.” That is our true identity.

The Universe is perfect or it could not exist for one moment. We are the Universe. It is made up of all creatures, plants, ocean and stone. It is a Universe of harmony and balance. We are harmony. We are balance. The Universe is not divided against itself, but sometimes we are. We have choice.

So, now we can choose to begin one step at a time to live a harmonious and balanced life. It begins by sitting with ourselves and contemplating the idea that we are perfect despite everything we have experienced or done in the past or what we think our state of being is right now. Everything brought us to this point and now it is time to let it go and recognize who we truly are. It is now time to begin to live those dreams that we have buried and to be those people who keep calling to us from within.

Ernest Holmes wrote in today’s reading: “During the process, many things may happen that appear to be destructive. We may pass through good fortune and bad, but if we can come to the point where we are not disturbed by ‘things’ we have found the secret.” Another great teacher said, “judge not by appearances.”

There is one perfect Cause. I call it “Universe” or “God” or “Good.” It is the Source and Principle of Life Itself. It is what I rely on. We have a mantra that goes like this and it is worth repeating often. “There’s only one life. That life is God’s life. That life is perfect. That life is my light now.”

I invite us all to begin to dwell on the beauty and perfection of who we truly are beyond conditions, beyond trivialities, beyond appearances.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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